Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Arts

First Advisor

Dr Quentin Beresford


In the last two decades, road safety has emerged as a significant issue in public policy, not only in Australia but internationally. In particular, measures to reduce the increasing number of drink drivers has been of top priority. Despite this importance, Western Australia has lagged considerably behind other Australian states, and especially New South Wales and Victoria in all areas of drink driving policy development and implementation. This study investigates the reasons for the slow development of drink driving policy from 1990-1996, by examining the Western Australian policy making process. The roles of each of the crucial policy actors, the media, parliament, interest groups and the public service are assessed by analysing each group and its influence individually and th1m illustrating how these have contributed to the overall development of drink driving policy. This analysis is carried out in major part, by drawing a comparison with other states, namely Victoria and New South Wales. This thesis provides an important insight into the highly politicised policy making process in Western Australia. In essence, it is a case study of Australian state policy making.