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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Faculty of Education

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Dr Caroline Barratt-Pugh


This research project reports on the process of developing a whole school approach to literacy intervention in one multi-ethnic, designated disadvantaged primary school. The study describes how teachers worked collaboratively, using items from a resource package Successful Intervention K-3 Literacy, to critically reflect on their pedagogy in their efforts to better address the needs of those students in their classes who appeared to have difficulties with literacy learning. A modified action research method was used by the teachers to devise a context-specific school plan. Within the plan, they allocated time and resources to assist them as they shared and developed their knowledge and skills to deal with the social, cultural, emotional, linguistic and cognitive needs of the identified students. As a result, the teachers developed individual literacy intervention programs for children experiencing difficulties. The programs included all the stake holders and were devised to be used in the mainstream classrooms. In addition, in order to facilitate consistency and continuity of approach from year to year for students experiencing difficulty with literacy learning, the teachers planned a system to store and pass on students' records. Of particular interest were the actions taken to explore understandings about literacy interventions, the changes in teacher perceptions, and the use of individual literacy intervention programs for children experiencing difficulties with literacy learning. As a consequence of their involvement in the project, the teachers developed an integrated literacy intervention policy and a school plan to guide future strategies for literacy intervention.