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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Dr John Godfrey


Teachers are seldom trained to construct tests (Boothroyd, McMorris, & Pruzck, 1992; Wise, Lukin, & Roos, 1991). Yet, the use of teacher-made tests for assessing students is a common occurrence in schools. This study challenges the quality of tests constructed by teachers without measurement and testing training. A sample of tests (n = 15) constructed by Primary 5A mathematics teachers in the Seychelles was analysed. The teachers who submitted the tests have not completed a course in measurement and testing. However, results of these tests will be used to make important decisions about their students. The purpose of the study is to ascertain whether tests constructed by teachers without measurement training produce valid and reliable scores. The findings of this study indicate that the test results have high internal consistency reliability, low content-related validity, and a low percentage of effective items. Hence, recommendations are made to the School of Education in the Seychelles to assist teachers in test construction and to include a measurement course in its pre-service teacher training program. It is recommended that in-service teachers use other forms of assessment instruments because the study shows that tests alone are not adequately measuring the students' performances.