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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Faculty of Education

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Dr Gulten Wagner


This research study utilised the principles of Survey Research to determine the current knowledge base and status of teacher-librarians employed in Western Australian Catholic schools in relation to Senior Teacher classification. It also examines the perceived barriers to achieving Senior Teacher classification. The questionnaire Senior Teacher Classification for Teacher-Librarians (STCTL) was constructed and mailed to every Catholic primary and secondary school throughout Western Australia for completion by the teacher-librarian. A 70.45 per cent response rate was received (93 respondents). The primary statistical analysis method used was descriptive statistics; frequencies, percents, means, modes and standard deviations. Based on the data analysis the research concluded that 22.8 per cent of respondents were unaware of the classification before completing the questionnaire. Only 41 per cent of eligible teacher-librarians had applied for Senior Teacher One classification and 53.8 per cent for Senior Teacher Two. Of those that had applied all applications for Senior Teacher Two and 96 per cent of applications for Senior Teacher One were successful. The explicit barriers that eligible teacher-librarians reported that were preventing them from applying for either classification were the effort required to put an application together in relation to the remuneration and the rigours of the assessment procedure itself. The implied barriers included being employed on a part-time basis and working in a primary school. It is hoped then that this research will affect both policy and current practice on an issue regarded as highly significant to the development of a career path for teacher-librarians in Western Australian Catholic schools.