Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Education Honours


School of Education


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

First Advisor

Dr Richard Berlach


This study is an investigation into the compatibility of the outcomes of the Northern Territory Special Category Curriculum for Secondary Aged Indigenous Students (NTC) and the Western Australian Student Outcome Statements (SOS), in the Learning Area of English, using specified criteria. This document analysis examined the theoretical assumptions underpinning the NTC and SOS, the comparisons that can be made between the two, and then, how suitable the NTC was for achieving the SOS documented by Education Department of Western Australia (EDWA) for Indigenous secondary students in remote comminutes. The outcomes for the NTC and SOS in the Learning Area of English were collated into Data Tables for the purpose of comparison. An analytical process using Summative Statements, Summative Scale, and Within Learning Area Comparisons allowed effective comparisons to be made. Results from the analysis indicated that an attempt to make direct links between the outcomes of the NTC and SOS was not beneficial due predominantly to differences in their theoretical underpinnings. Further, student outcomes mandated by educational systems appeared problematic. The appropriateness of the SOS for Indigenous students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds was questioned, due to an inherent Standard Australian English (SAE) bias framed within the SOS. A number of conclusions were made, based on findings. First, that students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds should have the opportunity to participate in the Special Category Curriculum as this allows for the bridging of their English Language competence to a level that may permit them to more successfully attain the SOS. Second, that until such time as the above is met, those students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds should not have to attain the SOS. Third, that the NTC be retained in WA remote schools. Finally, that further investigation be pursued to determine the extent to which these findings for the Learning Area of English hold true for the other seven SOS Learning Areas.