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Bachelor of Arts (Honours)


School of Communications and Arts


Education and Arts

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Dr David Robinson


This research project will investigate the increasingly complex and dynamic relationship between China and Sudan from 1995 to the present within the context of Giovanni Arrighi’s understandings of World Systems Theory. In this project I will examine how the relationship between China and Sudan has manifested through trade, investment, and diplomacy since 1995. Further, this dissertation will situate Sino-Sudanese relations within the context of Giovanni Arrighi’s theories regarding the roles of China and Africa within the current world-system. As such, this study will ask how the relationship between China and Sudan reflects Arrighi’s arguments concerning coreperiphery relations, declining US hegemony, the economic rise of China and its potential hegemonic challenge. In addition, the scope of this dissertation will include an examination of Sudan’s economic and political landscape prior to and after 1995, along with an overview of Arrighi’s work concerning China, Africa and Sino-African relations. Thus, this project will examine how Sino-Sudanese relations with respect to trade, investment, and diplomacy in the twenty-first century, reflect Arrighi’s understanding of the current world-system.


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