Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Engineering Honours


Faculty of Communications, Health and Science

First Advisor

Dr Daryoush Habibi


Signal processing technology has been strongly developed and it has attracted interest from scientists and engineers around the world from the last decade. Speech synthesis and speech recognition are particular topic in the field that have been widely used and developed in many different area such as business, controlling, education and entertainment. The project's main objective is to study and develop an application program with the Speech SDK through design and implementation of Tele-Control system based on the commercial product of National Semiconductor: Carrier-Current Transceiver (LM 1893) and Speech development kit (Speech SDK4.0) from Microsoft Corporation. The project is suitable to be used in restricted areas where space, wiring, decoration and signal interference are issues of concerned. Speech SDK is an interesting and useful tool in helping develop a Voice application programs. In this project, the user can use voice command interact with the control program to control a remote device. In conjunction with hardware modification, extra function can be added to the program such as controlling camera, video capture and position control buttons on the environment map, the project will be suitable for security purposes.