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Edith Cowan University

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Bachelor of Education Honours


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Dr Anthony Herrington


Mathematical problem solving has been the focus of recent curriculum reform. Researchers have investigated factors that appear to influence mathematical problem solving: one of these factors is metacognition. This study identified metacognitive aspects and investigated the relationship of metacognition and age in the context of mathematical problem solving. Twenty four children were randomly chosen: eight children from years two. four and six. The children were given the same non-routine problem to solve. A semi-structured interview and observation protocol were developed and used to determine students' metacognitive aspects. There was an extensive descriptive analysis of metacognitive aspects and a systematic quantification of metacognitive strategies in terms of their occurrence within the context of mathematical problem solving, and in relation to the subjects' age. A descriptive analysis of the data suggested a developmental trend to metacognitive awareness and strategies in relation to mathematical problem solving.