Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Regional Professional Studies

First Advisor

Dr Lorna Kaino


The aim of this thesis is to highlight the significance ofChristos Tsiolkas's first novel, Loaded (1995), as a Grunge text within the milieu of Australian literature. Grunge is a problematic genre in that it is difficult to define and is surrounded by major contradictions relating to its production and reception. Tsiolkas maintains that Grunge seeks to represent the contemporary local experience of living in Australia and the journey of Loaded's protagonist, Ari, reflects this by representing the nuances of contemporary Australian society on the margins. This representation seeks to undermine the 'homogeneous picture of what it means to be Australian' (Tsiolkas, in Robinson, 1995, pg. 48) and brings to the attention of the reader the importance of asking the questions of ethnicity, questions of nationalism and questions of sexuality that are central within the text. The main aim of this thesis is to assert Tsiolkas's position within the mainstream of the milieu of Australian literature, even if he does go against the current.