Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours)


School of Computer and Security Science


Health, Engineering and Science

First Advisor

Dr Martin Masek

Second Advisor

Associate Professor Peng Lam

Third Advisor

Associate Professor Philip Hingston


The rapid growth of the entertainment industry has presented the requirement for more efficient development of computerized games. Importantly, the diversity of audiences that participate in playing games has called for the development of new technologies that allow games to address users with differing levels of skills and preferences. This research presents a systematic study that explored the concept of dynamic difficulty using procedural level generation with interactive evolutionary computation. Additionally, the design, development and trial of computerized agents the play game levels in the place of a human player is detailed. The work presented in this thesis provides a solution to the rapid growth of the entertainment industry whilst providing a more effective means for developing computerized games.