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Bachelor of Science Honours


Faculty of Computing, Health and Science

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Julie Ann Pooley


This paper reviews the literature related to the transition and adjustment of school leaver and mature age students to university. It is suggested that the transition to university is a major life transition and thus is a period of great stress (Larose, Bernier, & Tarabulsy, 2005). For mature age students and school leaver students, the impacts upon adjustment to university are varied during the transition to university study (Cantwell, Archer, & Bourke, 2001; Challis, 1976; Justice & Dornan, 2001). First this review defines who mature age and school leaver students are in the context of universities. Second, the resilience literature is reviewed with particular attention paid to academic resilience and its relationship to mode of study for students. Lastly the differences between school leaver and mature age students are discussed and reviewed in terms of the adversity faced when transitioning into university and how each type of student adjusts differently to the new academic context.