Evidence : the Diaries of Charlotte Smith and, For the Defence : The Formation and Representation of Lesbian Desire in Teenage Texts

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

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Dr Richard Rossiter

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Dr Susan Ash


Evidence: the Diaries of Charlotte Smith is a young adult novel aimed at the 13-15 year old reader. It is set in an outer Perth suburb and deals with 15 year old Charlie's experience of going to a new school, dealing with her alcoholic mother and developing an obsession with an older girl. The novel is written primarily in diary form, but is framed by a letter written some time after the events in the diaries have occurred, and dissolves at the end into various legal and journalistic texts. 'For the defence: the formation and representation of lesbian desire in teenage texts' is a critical essay exploring some of the theoretical issues pertinent to the representation of lesbian desire and the politics of interpreting this representation. It utilises Teresa de Lauretis' reading of classical psychoanalytic theory; Vanessa Wayne Lee's suggestions for classifying and evaluating texts for young emerging lesbian readers; and aspects of the critical materialist reader response theory of Janice A. Radway and David Rudd.

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