Penny's Web and the Genesis and Imagery of 'Penny's Web'

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Bachelor of Arts Honours


Faculty of Community Services, Education and Social Sciences

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Ffion Murphy


'Penny's Web' is a young adult novel aimed at an audience of approximately 12-15 years. It is set in a Perth suburb and explores the development of the close friendship between Penny and Jeff from their first encounter at the age of five to the upheavals of adolescence. This excerpt from the novel primarily depicts the childhood friendship between Penny, Jeff and Serena and the beginning of a romantic relationship between the latter two characters. Penny narrates the story, detailing the lives of Jeff, Serena and herself, and, to a lesser extent, Luke, as they all struggle find to a balance between their own identities and their relationships with others. 'The Genesis and Imagery of 'Penny's Web' is a critical essay that explores the various techniques employed to produce my novel. It references the relevant fictional and developmental psychology texts that have aided my depiction of some of the issues of adolescence and discusses the ways in which these issues have been represented in the text. It a/so discusses the use of an aspect of Greek mythology, Western and Eastern animal imagery and a system of Pagan colour symbolism applied in the genesis of the main characters.

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