Submissions from 2010

Experimental Study of Authenticity of a 15th century bell imported to Australia from Italy, Jaromir Audy and Katarina Audy

Moderator effects of organisational tenure on the relationship between psychological climate and affective commitment , Brian English, David Morrison, and Christopher Chalon


Second language/dialect acquisition perspective on the Accerlerated Literacy teaching sequence, Kate Mullin and Rhonda Oliver

The contribution of Buddhism to global and regional initiatives in education., Patricia Sherwood

Submissions from 2009

Analysis of a Conventional Metal Machining Process Parameters from the Optimization, Automation, Modelling and Adaptive Control Point of View, Jaromir Audy

Analysis of Importance of Publications and Publication Activities in University Fields: How and Why to Publish Effectively, Jaromir Audy

Analysis of Importance of Tool Coatings in Metal Machining, Jaromir Audy

A Study of Coatings on Experimental Thrust and Torque in Drilling, Jaromir Audy

Experimental Appraisal of Efficiency of Predictive Approaches for Forces and Work in Extruding Hollow Components from Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Materials, Jaromir Audy

Experimental Investigations Of Effects Of Pvd - Coated Tools On Qualitative And Quantitative Out-Put Forces And Press Work In Drawing And Redrawing Aluminium And Low Carbon Steel Work materials Into A Cup-Like Shapes, Jaromir Audy

Exploring Ideas for Innovations in the Educational Technology at a Regional Campus in western Australia, Jaromir Audy

Study of Predicted Influences of Drilling Variables on the Generated Thrust and Torque, Jaromir Audy

Analysis of Bell materials: Tin Bronzes, Jaromir Audy and Katarina Audy

Effects of Microstructure and Chemical Composition on Strength and Impact Toughness of Tin Bronzes, Jaromir Audy and Katarina Audy

Language socialization in a Canadian secondary school course: Talking about current events. Take 2., Patricia Duff and Rhonda Oliver

Protean careers and the performing arts: antecedents for intrinsic motivation, Sophie Fernandes and Christopher Chalon

Alzheimer's Disease, Personhood, and Intervention, Julie Goyder

Broome's Japanese Community: Its history and legacy, Lorna Kaino

Assessment of In-Process Phenomena In Optimising Classical Metal Machining Processes, Jaroslav Kovalcik and Jaromir Audy

How young is too young? Investigating negotiation of meaning and corrective feedback in children aged five to seven years., Rhonda Oliver

Addressing the educational challenges faced by African refugee background students: Perception of West Australian stakeholders., Rhonda Oliver, Yvonne Haig, and Ellen Grote

Teaching content, learning language: Socializing ESL students into classroom practices., Rhonda Oliver and James McLellan


Education for Sustainable Cities: The Great Australian Dilemma, Sandra Wooltorton

Submissions from 2008

Study of the Effect of Type (Cu,Ti, and Cu, Mo) Electrospark Coatings on Friction in Pin-on-Disk Testing, Bogdan Antoszewski, Emil Evin, and Jaromir Audy

A study of computer-assisted analysis of effects of drill geometry and surface coating on forces and power in drilling, Jaromir Audy

A Study of Computer Assisted Analysis of Effects of Drill Point Geomerical Features on Forces and Power in Drilling with general purpose twist drills, Jaromir Audy

Enhancing Learning Through Innovative Technology: Education in 'Surf Equipment, Design, Materials and Construction' Course, Jaromir Audy

Identifying and Analysing Assessment Needs of Tertiary Students at a Regional Campus, Jaromir Audy

Material Analysis of the Late 19th Century Iron Based Heritage Listed Constructions, Jaromir Audy and Katarina Audy

Exploring Efficiency of Tool Coating Via Deep Drawing of Cylindrical Cups, Jaromir Audy and Emil Evin

"Climate for ethics" and occupational-organisational commitment conflict, Brian English

Understanding Early School Leaving: A Narrative Research Approach, David Hodgson

The Impact of Teacher Input, Guidance and Feedback on ESL Children's Task-Based Interactions, Rhonda Oliver, Jenefer Philp, and Alison Mackey

Child's play? Second language acquisition and the younger learner in context, Jenefer Philp, Alison Mackey, and Rhonda Oliver

Expressive artistic therapies as mind-body medicine, Patricia Sherwood

Good Teachers/Bad Teachers: How Rural Adolescent students' Views of Teachers Impact on their School Experiences, Joan Strikwerda-Brown, Rhonda Oliver, David Hodgson, and Marilyn Palmer

Good Teachers/Bad Teachers: How Rural Adolescent students' Views of Teachers Impact on their School Experiences, Joan Strikwerda-Brown, Rhonda Oliver, David Hodgson, Marilyn Palmer, and Lynelle Watts

Submissions from 2007

Enhancing learning through innovative technology education in a course on "Surf Equipment, Design, Materials and Construction", Jaromir Audy

Towards a more telling way of understanding early school leaving, David Hodgson

Planning for learning and learning about planning in social work fieldwork, David Hodgson and Heather Walford

Task Familiarity and Interactional Feedback in Child ESL Classrooms, Alison Mackey, AP Kanganas, and Rhonda Oliver

The relationship between language learning strategies, proficiency, age and self-efficacy beliefs: A study of language learners in Botswana, Joel Magogwe and Rhonda Oliver


The Albanian, Donna Mazza

Educating for life: Student and lecturer perceptions of the implementation of a Social, Emotional and Physical Health (SEPH) framework across an undergraduate teaching program , Joan Strikwerda-Brown

A Classroom Teacher's Reflection on Learning Sustainability, Sandra Wooltorton

Submissions from 2006

An Appraisal of techniques and equipment for cutting force measurement, Jaromir Audy

Exploring the role of computer modelling and image analysis in assessing drill design features and performance, Jaromir Audy

Analysis of the bell-making process from the middle ages to recent times = Analyse des Glockenfertigungsverfahrens vom Mittelalter bis zur jungsten Zeit, Katarina Audy and Jaromir Audy

Conceptions of sustainability among undergraduate university students, Kevin Brady

Handover, Julie Goyder

Sylvia, Julie Goyder

Rural community cultural development: Small really is beautiful, Anne Jennings

Book into Sustainability, Dawn Naylor

Tackling Talk Through Action Learning, Rhonda Oliver, Yvonne Haig, and Samantha Vanderford

The impact of planning time on children's task based interactions, Jenefer Philp, Rhonda Oliver, and Alison Mackey

Mandalas: Symbols for creating the Consciousness of Sustainability in Education, Patricia Sherwood

Soul Education: Inspiring a new passion for sustainable learning, Patricia Sherwood

A Participatory Approach to Learning Sustainability, Sandra Wooltorton

Ecological Literacy: An Australian Perspective, Sandra Wooltorton

Science, Maths Technology and Then What? A Classroom Teacher's Reflections on Learning Sustainability, Sandra Wooltorton


The Worsley Energy Challenge to Reduce Energy Consumption: Report on the Project Start-Up, Sandra Wooltorton and Richard Jeffreys


Environmental Education in Action for the Future, Sandra Wooltorton and Dora Marinova

On Wisdom for Our Future, Sandra Wooltorton and Dora Marinova

Submissions from 2005

Human Computer Interaction in Designing Surfboard Fins for Optimum Drag Lift Ratio and Hydrodynamic Performance, Jaromir Audy, Katarina Audy, and Terence Haines

Incorporation of research and novel teaching ideas into the unit 'Surf equipment, design, materials and construction', Jaromir Audy, Katarina Audy, and Terence Haines

The lived experience of mental health nurses employed in rural settings, Vicki Drury, Karen Francis, and Geoffery Dulhunty

A Phenomenological Investigation of Tourism Experience of Australian Indigenous Culture, Gloria Ingram

Purposeful franchising: re-thinking of franchising rationale, Chutarat Inma

Re-mooring the tradition of Broome's Shinju Matsuri, Lorna Kaino

University Art Museums: An outsiders view, Lorna Kaino

What differences does a museum make: Te Papa's contribution to the New Zealand economy, Lorna Kaino

Evaluating a suicide prevention program: A question of impact, Lisette Kaleveld and Brian English

Teachers perceptions of student speech: a quantitative study, Rhonda Oliver and Yvonne Haig

Communicative competence in oral language assessment, Rhonda Oliver, Yvonne Haig, and Judith Rochecouste (ext)

Affective Aspects of Language Learning: Beliefs, Attitudes and Efficacy, Rhonda Oliver, Nola M Purdie, and Judith Rochecouste (ext)

Rewriting History: A poetic approach to the moral transformation of school leadership practice, Leslie Pereira, Peter Charles Taylor, and Christa Pereira

Fictive Imagining and Moral Purpose: Autobiographical Research as/for Transformative Development, Leslie Pereira, Peter Charles Taylor, and Elisabeth Settelmaier

A Psychotherapeutic Model for Training Holistic Counselling for Body, Mind and Spirit, Patricia Sherwood

A Dolphin discovery community: Building connectedness with self, others and the world, Patricia Sherwood and Patricia Athena

Submissions from 2004

The use and abuse of software tools, Lynne Fowler, Vivian Campbell, and Geoffrey Roy

Submissions from 2003

Designing an innovative regional teacher preparation program: Reflections on early phases, Suzanne Cooper and Elizabeth Hatton

The politics of program logic, Brian English and Lisette Kaleveld

Help, Risk and Deceit: Microentrepreneurs Talk About Microfinance, Robyn Eversole

Here to Help: NGO Meets Community - And What Happens Next?, Robyn Eversole

Managing the pitfalls of participatory development: Some insight from Australia, Robyn Eversole

My Business Pays Me: Labourers and Entrepreneurs among the self-employed poor in Latin America, Robyn Eversole

Value-Adding community? Community economic development in theory & practice, Robyn Eversole

Work on the Edge: Enterprise and Employment between City and Countryside, Robyn Eversole

An Innovative Approach to Teaching First Year Programming Supported by Learning Style Investigation, Lynne Fowler, Vivian Campbell, Daniel McGill, and Geoff Roy

Golf, Mums the Word, Julie Goyder

Just a Minute, Darling, Julie Goyder

Listening to the Person with Dementia, Julie Goyder

Only the Lonely, Julie Goyder

The Kangeroos of Capel, Julie Goyder

The Tail Trail, Julie Goyder

Legitimising the Subjectivity of Human Reality Through Qualitative Research Method, Adrian Morgan and Vicki Drury

A Regional community counselling service: A landing pad for persons with mental health issues who fall through the welfare net., Patricia Sherwood

Progressing Towards Governance for Sustainability at Parkfield School: Making Connections Through Dialogical Design, Sandra Wooltorton and Alan Kidd

Submissions from 2002

Transbronchial biopsy as a tool to evaluate small-airways disease in asthma. Cons, Neil Carroll and Alan James

Distribution and degranulation of airway maast cells in normal and asthmatic subjects, Neil Carroll, S Mutavdzic, and Alan James