Submissions from 2013


Habitat preferences of macroinvertebrate fauna among seagrasses with varying structural forms, Adam Gartner, Fernando Tuya, Paul S. Lavery, and Kathryn M. McMahon


Data rescue and re-use: Recycling old information to address new policy concerns, S Hawkins, L Firth, M McHugh, E Poloczsanska, R Herbert, M Burrows, M Kendall, Philippa J. Moore, R Thompson, S Jenkins, D Sims, M Genner, and N Mieszkowska


The magnitude of spatial and temporal variation in δ15N and δ13C differs between taxonomic groups: Implications for food web studies, Glenn A. Hyndes, Christine E. Hanson, and Mathew A. Vanderklift


Identifying robust bioindicators of light stress in seagrasses: A meta-analysis, Kathryn M. McMahon, Catherine Collier, and Paul S. Lavery

Submissions from 2012


Wounded kelps: Patterns and susceptibility to breakage, Thibaut De Bettignies, Mads Thomsen, and Thomas Wernberg


Size, not morphology, determines hydrodynamic performance of a kelp during peak flow, Thibaut De Bettignies, Thomas Wernberg, and Paul Lavery


Streamlining and Core Genome Conservation among Highly Divergent Members of the SAR11 Clade, Jana Grote, Cameron Thrash, Megan Huggett, Zachary Landry, Paul Carini, Stephen Giovannoni, and Michael Rappe


Genome sequence of strain HIMB55, a novel marine gammaproteobacterium of the OM60/NOR5 clade, Megan Huggett and Michael Rappe


Environmental influences on virus–host interactions in an Australian subtropical reservoir, Christin Sawstrom and Peter Pollard


Molecular delineation of species in the coral holobiont, Michael Stat, Andrew Baker, David Bourne, Adrienne Correa, Zac Forsman, Megan Huggett, Xavier Pochon, Derek Skillings, Robert Toonen, Madeleine van Oppen, and Ruth Gates

Submissions from 2011


Quantitative approaches in climate change ecology, Christopher J. Brown, David S. Schoeman, William J. Sydeman, Keith Brander, Lauren B. Buckley, Michael Burrows, Carlos M. Duarte, Pippa J. Moore, John M. Pandolfi, Elvira Poloczanska, William Venables, and Anthony J. Richardson


The pace of shifting climate in marine and terrestrial ecosystems, Michael Burrows, David Schoeman, Lauren Buckley, Pippa Moore, Elvira Poloczanska, Keith Brander, Chris Brown, John Bruno, Carlos Duarte, Benjamin Halpern, Johanna Holding, Carrie Kappel, Wolfgang Kiessling, Mary O'Connor, John Pandolfi, Camille Parmesan, Franklin Schwing, William Sydeman, and Anthony Richardson


Habitat surrounding patch reefs influences the diet and nutrition of the western rock lobster, Lachlan Macarthur, D L Phillips, Glenn Hyndes, Christine Hanson, and Mathew Vanderklift


Habitat surrounding patch reefs influences the diet and nutrition of the western rock lobster, Lachlan Macarthur, D L Phillips, Glenn Hyndes, Christine Hanson, and Mathew Vanderklift


Recovery from the impact of light reduction on the seagrass Amphibolis griffithii, insights for dredging management, Kathryn McMahon, Paul Lavery, and Michael Mulligan


Linking Land and Sea: Different Pathways for Marine Subsidies, Kajsa Mellbrand, Paul S. Lavery, Glenn A. Hyndes, and Peter A. Hamback


Subtidal macroalgal richness, diversity and turnover, at multiple spatial scales, along the southwestern Australian coastline, David Smale, G Kendrick, and Thomas Wernberg


Inconsistent benefits of a freshwater protected area for artisanal fisheries and biodiversity in a South-east Asian wetland, Chongdee Srinoparatwatana and Glenn Hyndes


Gradients in the number of species at reef-seagrass ecotones explained by gradients in abundance, Fernando Tuya, Mathew Vanderklift, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen


Spatial patterns in herbivory on a coral reef are influenced by structural complexity but not by algal traits, Adriana Verges, Mathew Vanderklift, C Doropoulos, and Glenn Hyndes


Impacts of climate change in a global hotspot for temperate marine biodiversity and ocean warming, Thomas Wemberg, Bayden Russel, Pippa Moore, Scott Ling, Daniel Smale, Alex Campbell, Melinda Coleman, Peter Steinberg, and Gary Kendrick

Submissions from 2010

Carbon and nitrogen translocation in response to shading of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa, Catherine J. Collier, Patricia Prado, and Paul Lavery


Light reductions drive macroinvertebrate changes in Amphibolis griffithii seagrass habitat., Adam Gartner, Paul S. Lavery, Kathryn McMahon, Anne Brearley, and Helen Barwick

Differentiation of benthic marine primary producers using stable isotopes and fatty acids: Implications to food web studies, Christine E. Hanson, Glenn A. Hyndes, and Shao Fang Wang


Assemblage turnover and taxonomic sufficiency of subtidal macroalgae at multiplespatial scales, Dan A. Smale, Gary A. Kendrick, and Thomas Wernberg

An Efficient Method for Collecting Large Samples of Live Copepods Free from Detritus, Carl J Svensson, Glenn Hyndes, and Paul Lavery

Ecological performance and possible origin of a ubiquitous but under-studied gastropod, Mad S. Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Fernando Tuya, and Brian Silliman


Proximity to rocky reefs alters the balance between positive and negative effects on seagrass fauna, Fernando Tuya, Mathew Vanderklift, Glenn Hyndes, Thomas Wernberg, Mads Thomsen, and Christine Hanson


Stable isotopes reveal a consistent consumer-diet relationship across hundreds of kilometres, Mathew A. Vanderklift and Thomas Wernberg


Turban Snails as Habitat for Foliose Algae: Contrasting Geographical Patterns in Species Richness, Thomas Wernberg, Fernando Tuya, Mads Thomsen, and Gary Kendrick

Contribution of temporal and spatial components to morphological variation in the kelp Ecklonia (Laminariales), Thomas Wernberg and Mathew Vanderklift

Submissions from 2009

Feeding ecology of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) from Shoalwater Bay, Australia, Karen Arthur, Kathryn Mcmahon, Col Limpus, and William Dennison

Shade-induced response and recovery of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa, Catherine Collier, Paul Lavery, Peter J Ralph, and Ray J Masini

Allochthonous brown algae are the primary food source for consumers in a temperate, coastal environment, Karen Crawley, Glenn Hyndes, Mathew Vanderklift, Peter Nichols, and Andrew Revill


Dietary preferences of two seagrass inhabiting gastropods: Allocthanous vs autochthanous resources, Christopher Doropoulos, Glenn Hyndes, Paul Lavery, and Fernando Tuya


Effects of Multiple Disturbances in Seagrass Meadows: Shading Decreases Resilience to Grazing, Johan S Eklöf, Kathryn Mcmahon, and Paul Lavery

Predicting impacts of climate-induced range expansion: an experimental framework and a test involving key grazers on temperate rocky shores, Louise Firth, Tasman Crowe, Philippa Moore, Richard Thompson, and Stephen Hawkins

Selective uptake of prokaryotic picoplankton by a marine sponge (Callyspongia sp.) within an oligotrophic coastal system, Christine Hanson, Martin Mclaughlin, Glenn Hyndes, and Joanna Strzelecki

Consequences of Climate-Driven Biodiversity Changes for Ecosystem Functioning, Stephen Hawkins, Heather Sugden, Nova Mieszkowska, Philippa Moore, Elvira Poloczanska, Rebecca Leaper, Roger Herbert, Martin Genner, Paula Moschella, Richard Thompson, Stuart Jenkins, Alan Southward, and Michael Burrows


Interactive effects of timing, intensity and duration of experimental shading on Amphibolis griffithii, Paul Lavery, Kathryn Mcmahon, Michael Mulligan, and Andrew Tennyson

New record for Halophila decipiens Ostenfeld in Kenya based on morphological and molecular evidence, Kathryn Mcmahon and Michelle Waycott

Potential effects of man harvesting on gastropod molluscs of commercial interest (Osilinus spp. and Patella spp.) in the Canarian Archipelago, Rubén Ramírez, Fernando Tuya, and Ricardo Haroun

Satellite-derived SST Data as a Proxy for Water Temperature in Nearshore Benthic Ecology, Daniel A. Smale and Thomas Wernberg

Physiological responses of Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales) to a latitudinal gradient in ocean temperature, Peter A. Staehr and Thomas Wernberg

Broad-scale patterns of abundance of non-indigenous soft-bottom invertebrates in Denmark, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Brian R. Silliman, and Alf B. Josephson

Evidence for impacts of non-indigenous macroalgae: a meta-analysis of experimental field studies, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Fernando Tuya, and Brian Reed Silliman

Colonization of gastropods on subtidal reefs depends on density in adjacent habitats, not on disturbance regime, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

Habitat structure affect abundances of labrid fishes across Habitat structure affect abundances of labrid fishes across temperate reefs in south-western Australia, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen


Intensity of herbivory on kelp by fish and sea urchins differs between inshore and offshore reefs, Mathew Vanderklift, Paul Lavery, and Kris Waddington

Spatial variation in juvenile and adult Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales) sporophytes, Thomas Wernberg

Submissions from 2008


Physiological characteristics of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa along a depth-related gradient of light availability, Catherine Collier, Paul Lavery, Peter Ralph, and Ray Masini

Comparative ecology of North Atlantic shores: do diffferences in players matter for process?, Stuart R Jenkins, Philippa Moore, Michael T Burrows, David J Garbary, Stephen J Hawkins, AGNAR INGOLFSSON, Kenneth P Sebens, Paul V Snelgrove, David S Wethey, and Sarah A Woodin

Movements of the western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) within shallow coastal waters using acoustic telemetry, Lachlan Macarthur, Russ Babcock, and Glenn Hyndes

Nocturnally active western rock lobsters, Panulirus cygnus, forage close to shallow coastal reefs, Lachlan Douglas Macarthur, Glenn Hyndes, Russ Babcock, and Mathew Vanderklift


13C and 15N translocation within and among shoots in two Posidonia species from Western Australia, Patricia Prado, Catherine Jane Collier, and Paul Lavery

Interactions between bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix (L.) and coastal sea-cage farms in the Mediterranean Sea, Pablo Sanchez-Jerez, Damian Fernandez-Jover, Just Bayle-Sempere, Carlos Valle, Tim Dempster, Fernando Tuya, and Francis Juanes

Annual changes in abundance of non-indigenous marine benthos on a very large spatial scale, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Peter Staehr, Brian Silliman, Alf Josephson, Dorte Krause-Jensen, and Nils Riisgaard-Petersen

Testing the 'abundant centre' hypothesis on endemic reef fishes in south-western Australia, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

The spatial arrangement of reefs alters the ecological patterns of fauna between interspersed algal habitats, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

Detached kelps from distant sources are a food subsidy for sea urchins, Mathew Vanderklift and Thomas Wernberg

Physical Disturbance and Subtidal Habitat Structure on Open Rocky Coasts: Effects of Wave Exposure, Extent and Intensity, Thomas Wernberg and Sean Connell

Short-term temporal dynamics of algal species in a subtidal kelp bed in relation to changes in environmental conditions and canopy biomass, Thomas Wernberg and Nisse Goldberg

Population Structure of Turbinid Gastropods on Wave-Exposed Subtidal Reefs: Effects of Density, Body Size and Algae on Grazing Behaviour, Thomas Wernberg, Melissa White, and Mathew Vanderklift

Submissions from 2007


Retrospective analysis of epiphyte assemblages in relation to seagrass loss in a eutrophic coastal embayment, ML Cambridge, JR How, Paul Lavery, and MA Vanderklift


Effect of leaf movement on epiphytic algal biomass of seagrass leaves, Paul Lavery, Tara Reid, Glenn Hyndes, and Beverley Van Elven


Effects of experimental reduction of light availability on the seagrass Amphibolis griffithii, P Mackey, CJ Collier, and Paul Lavery

Distribution and reproductive biology of the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus (Nardo), in Western Australian waters, Rory Brian Mcauley, CA Simpfendorfer, Glenn Hyndes, and RCJ Lenanton

Effects of grazer identity on the probability of escapes by a canopy-forming macroalga, Philippa Moore, Stephen Hawkins, and Richard Thompson

Role of biological habitat amelioration in altering the relative responses of congeneric species to climate change, Philippa Moore, Stephen Hawkins, and Richard Thompson

Submissions from 2006

Epiphytes of Seagrasses, Michael Borowitzka, Paul Lavery, and Mike Van Kuelen

Living on the edge of two changing worlds: forecasting the responses of rocky intertidal ecosystems to climate change, Brain Helmuth, Nova Mieszkowska, Philippa Moore, and Stephen Hawkins

Hunt warm, rest cool: Bioenergetic efficiency underlying diel vertical migration of a benthic shark, David Sims, Victoria Wearmouth, Emily Southall, Jackie Hill, Philippa Moore, Kate Rawlinson, Neil Hutchinson, Georgina Budd, David Righton, Julian Metcalfe, J Nash, and David Morritt

Spatio-temporal distribution patterns of the invasive macroalga Sargassum muticum within a Danish Sargassum-bed, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Peter Staehr, and Morten Pedersen

Spatio-temporal variability in a key herbivore, the long-spined black sea urchin (Diadema antillarum, Echinodermata: Echinoidea) in the Canary Islands, Fernando Tuya, Leonor Ortega-Borges, Armando Rosario-Pinilla, and Ricardo J Haroun

Submissions from 2005

Application of a novel phytotoxicity assay for the detection of herbicides in Hervey Bay and the Great Sandy Straits, Susan Bengston-Nash, Kathryn Mcmahon, Geoff Eaglesham, and Joachin Müller

Herbicide contamination and the potential impact to seagrass meadows in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia, Kathryn Mcmahon, Susan Bengston-Nash, Geoff Eaglesham, Joachin Müller, and Norm Duke


Nitrate reductase activity in macroalgae and its vertical distribution in macroalgal epiphytes of seagrasses, Erica Young, Paul Lavery, Beverley Van Elven, Mat Dring, and John A Berges

Submissions from 2004

The role of disturbance in maintaining diversity of benthic macroalgal assemblages in southwestern Australia, Gary A. Kendrick, Euan S. Harvey, Thomas Wernberg, Nicole Harman, and Nisse Goldberg

A guide to tropical seagrasses of the Indo-West Pacific, Michelle Waycott, Kathryn Mcmahon, Jane Mellors, Ainsley Calladine, and Diana Kleine

Submissions from 2003

Regional differences in kelp-associated algal assemblages on temperate limestone reefs in south-western Australia, Thomas Wernberg, Gary A. Kendrick, and Julia C. Phillips

Submissions from 2002


A Comparison of Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Epiphytic Macroagal Assemlages of the Seagrasses Amphibolis and Posidonia Coriacea, Paul Lavery and Mathew Vanderklift