Submissions from 2013


E-Invigilator: A biometric-based supervision system for e-Assessments, Nathan L. Clarke, P Dowland, and Steven M. Furnell


The effectiveness of internet activity erasure tools to protect privacy, Brian Cusack, Andrew Woodward, Scott Butson, and Benjamin Leber


The contemporary Australian intelligence domain: A multi dimension examination, Alan Davies and Jeffrey Corkill


Getting past passwords, Steven Furnell


Still on the hook: the persistent problem of phishing, Steven Furnell


Co-operative user identity verification using an Authentication Aura, C.G. Hocking, Steven Furnell, Nathan Clarke, and P L. Reynolds


Security aspects of military sensor-based defence systems, Michael N. Johnstone and Robert Thompson


Physical security barrier selection: A decision support analysis, Agnieszka Kiszelewska and Michael Coole


An exploratory study of the lived experience of being an intelligence analyst, Sharon Moss, Jeffrey Corkill, and Eyal Gringart


Towards detection and control of civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, Matthew Peacock and Michael N. Johnstone


Manipulation of hard drive firmware to conceal entire partitions, Huw Read, Konstantino Xynos, Iain Sutherland, Gareth Davies, Tom Houiellebecq, Frode Roarson, and Andrew Blyth

Submissions from 2012


Forensics Data Acquisition Methods for Mobile Phones, Khawla Abdulla Alghafli, Andrew Jones, and Thomas Anthony Martin


Smart-Frame: a Flexible, Scalable, and Secure Information Management Framework for Smart Grids, Joonsang Baek, Quang Vu, Andrew Jones, Sameera Al Mulla, and Chan Yeob Yeun


Layered analysis of security ceremonies, Gianpaolo Bella and Elizabeth Coles-Kemp

Australia's Place in Space: Historical Constraints and Future Opportunities, Brett Biddington


Securing Space: Will Code of Conduct Discussions Help? A Perspective from Australia, Brett Biddington


The Regulation of Space and Cyberspace: One coin, Two sides , Brett Biddington


Exposing potential privacy issues with IPV6 address construction, Clinton Carpene and Andrew Woodward


A novel security architecture for a space-data DTN, Nathan Clarke, Vasilis Katos, Sofia-Anna Menesidou, Bogdan Ghita, and Steven Furnell


Defence in depth, protection in depth and security in depth: A comparative analysis towards a common usage language, Michael Coole, Jeffrey Corkill, and Andrew Woodward


Understanding the vulnerabilities in Wi-Fi and the impact on its use in CCTV systems, Michael Coole, Andrew Woodward, and Craig Valli


Assessing the accessibility of E-learning, Morten Goodwin, Iain Sutherland, Frode Roarson, and Tom Drange


On the Effectiveness of Intrusions into ZigBee-based Wireless Sensor Networks, Michael Johnstone and Jeremy Jarvis

Towards Effective Algorithms for Intelligent Defense Systems, Michael Johnstone and Andrew Woodward


The 2012 Analysis of Information Remaining on Computer Hard Disks Offered for Sale on the Second Hand Market in the UAE, Andrew Jones, Thomas Martin, and Mohammed Alzaabi


Enhancing Phishing E-Mail Classifiers: A Lexical URL Analysis Approach, Mahmoud Khonji, Youssef Iraqi, and Andrew Jones


Multimodal behavioural biometric authentication for mobile devices, Hataichanok Saevanee, Nathan Clarke, and Steven Furnell


Multi-modal behavioural biometric authentication for mobile devices, H Saevanee, Nathan Clarke, and Steven Furnell


An Overview of Cloud Computing Challenges and Its Security Concerns, Krishnun Sansurooah


Towards an organizational culture framework for information security practices, Joo Soon Lim, Shanton Chang, Atif Ahmad, and Sean Maynard


Protective Emblems in Cyber Warfare, Iain Sutherland, Konstantinos Xynos, Andrew Jones, and Andrew Blyth


An Australian Perspective on the Challenges for Computer and Network Security for Novice End-Users, Patryk Szewczyk


A Survey of Computer and Network Security Support from Computer Retailers to Consumers in Australia, Patryk Szewczyk


The 2012 Investigation into Remnant Data on Second Hand Memory Cards Sold in Australia, Patryk Szewczyk and Krishnun Sansurooah


SSH -- Somewhat Secure Host, Craig Valli


Eavesdropping on the Smart Grid, Craig Valli, Andrew Woodward, Clinton Carpene, Peter Hannay, Murray Brand, Reino Karvinen, and Christopher Holme

Submissions from 2009

An Intervention to Increase Positive Attitudes and Address Misconceptions About Australian Muslims: A Call for Education and Open Mindedness , Anne Aly

Media hegemony, activism and identity: Muslim women re-presenting Muslim women., Anne Aly

The historical roots of Al Qaeda's ideology: understanding Ayman al Zawahri's vision and developing an appropriate response., Anne Aly

The Terrorists' Audience: A Model of Internet Radicalisation, Anne Aly

Risk Culture Influences in Internet Safety and Security, S Atkinson, Steven Furnell, and A.D. Phippen

Securing the next generation: enhancing e-safety awareness among young people, Shirley Atkinson, Steven Furnell, and Andy Phippen

Consensual Security Risk Assessment: Overcoming Bias, Conflicting Interests and Parochialism, Benjamin Beard and David Brooks

Safeguarding Australia from Cyber-terrorism: A proposed cyber-terrorism SCADA Risk Framework for Industry Adoption, Christopher Beggs and Matthew Warren

A Spoofing Attack Against an EPC Class One RFID System, Christopher Bolan

Freegate: A Defence against the Pending Censorship of Australia?, Christopher Bolan and Peter Hannay

From desktop to mobile: Examining the security experience, Reinhardt A. Botha, Steven Furnell, and Nathan Clarke

Defeating biometric fingerprint systems: An applied testing methodology, David Brooks

Intruder Alarm Systems: Is the Security Industry Installing and Maintaining Alarm Systems in Compliance to Australian Standard AS2201?, David Brooks

Key concepts in security risk management: A psychometric concept map to approach to understanding, David Brooks

What is security: Definition through knowledge categorisation, David Brooks

Security Decay: An Entropic Approach to Definition and Understanding, M COOLE and David Brooks

Intelligence Support to Law Enforcement: Untangling the Gordian Knot, Jeffrey Corkill

Professional Intelligence Judgement Artistry: Some early observations, Jeffrey Corkill

The function of security in reducing women's fear of crime in open public spaces: A case study of serial sex attacks at a western australian university, Christopher J. Cubbage and Clifton Smith

Secure State Deletion: Testing the efficacy and integrity of secure deletion tools on Solid State Drives, Michael Freeman and Andrew Woodward

SmartPot - Creating a 1st Generation Smartphone Honeypot, Michael Freeman and Andrew Woodward

Mobile Security: A Pocket Guide, Steven Furnell

Scare Tactics - A viable weapon in the security war?, Steven Furnell, Maria Papadaki, and Kerry-Lynn Thomson

From culture to disobedience: Recognising the varying user acceptance of IT security, Steven Furnell and Kerry-Lynn Thomson

Recognising and addressing 'security fatigue', Steven Furnell and Kerry-Lynn Thomson

Wireless device identification for forensic purposes, Lukasz Andrzej Golygowski and Andrew Woodward

Fun & Games: an Introduction to Console Forensics, Peter Hannay

Satellite Navigation Forensics Techniques, Peter Hannay

An Assessment of Internationalised Domain Name Homograph Attack Mitigation Implementations, Peter Hannay and Christopher Bolan

Firewire Forensics in Modern Operating Systems, Peter Hannay and Andrew Woodward

Culture jamming: from activism to hactivism, Kay Hearn, Rachel Mahncke, and Patricia Williams

Cyber Influence, William Hutchinson

Security as an element in environmental assessment and decision making, William Hutchinson and Matthew Warren

Assessing the Usability of Personal Internet Security Tools, T Ibrahim, Steven Furnell, M Papadaki, and Nathan Clarke

Evaluating Web-Based User Authentication using Graphical Techniques, MZ Jali, Steven Furnell, and PS Dowland

Use of a Secure Portable Application Device as a Component of Network Centric Operations, Peter James

Security Requirements Engineering-The Reluctant Oxymoron, Michael Johnstone

An Introduction to Digital Forensics, Andrew Jones

A summary of Thoughts, Issues and Problems, Andrew Jones

Conclusions and Final Thoughts, Andrew Jones

Developing the Business Plan, Andrew Jones

Establishing and Managing a Digital Forensics Laboratory, Andrew Jones

High Technology Crimes: Case Summaries, Andrew Jones

Lessons not learned on data disposal, Andrew Jones

Networking, Liaison and Sources of Information, Andrew Jones

Responding to Crimes requiring Computer Forensic Investigation, Andrew Jones

The Computer Forensics Unit Strategic, Tactical, and Annual Plans, Andrew Jones

The Future of Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System, Andrew Jones

Types of Forensic Investigation, Andrew Jones

Why are we not getting better at Data Disposal?, Andrew Jones

Workload Management and the Outsourcing Option, Andrew Jones


The 2009 Analysis of Information Remaining on USB Storage Devices Offered for Sale on the Second Hand Market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, and G Dabibi


The 2008 analysis of information remaining on disks offered for sale on the second hand market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, Glenn Dardick, Iain Sutherland, and Gareth Davies

Application of latent moderated structuring (LMS) to rank the effects of intervening variables on teh IT and firm performance relationship, Abbas Keramati, Glenn Dardick, Navid Majir, and Behdad Banan

Bluetooth Hacking: A Case Study , Gary Kessler and Dennis Browning

An Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Architecture to Secure Wireless Network, SY Lim and Andrew Jones

Terror attacks: Understanding social risk views between Singaporean lay and security practitioners, Yam Hoo Loo and David Brooks

Measuring information security governance within general medical practice, Rachel Mahncke, Donald McDermid, and Patricia Williams

Challenges in improving information security practice in Australian general practice, Donald Mcdermid, Rachel Mahncke, and Patricia Williams

Playing Safe: A prototype game for raising awareness of social engineering, Michael Newbould and Steven Furnell

PCI Compliance: Overcoming The Challenges, Benjamin Ngugi, Gina Vega, and Glenn Dardick

Security education in Singapore: A study of knowledge structures in electronic security technology, C Phinney and Clifton Smith


The 2009 Personal Firewall Robustness Evaluation, Ken Pydayya, Peter Hannay, and Patryk Szewczyk

An Assessment of People's Vulnerabilities in Relation to Personal and Sensitive Data, B.G. Sanders, P.S. Dowland, and Steven Furnell