Submissions from 2009

Fun & Games: an Introduction to Console Forensics, Peter Hannay

Satellite Navigation Forensics Techniques, Peter Hannay

An Assessment of Internationalised Domain Name Homograph Attack Mitigation Implementations, Peter Hannay and Christopher Bolan

Firewire Forensics in Modern Operating Systems, Peter Hannay and Andrew Woodward

Culture jamming: from activism to hactivism, Kay Hearn, Rachel Mahncke, and Patricia Williams

Cyber Influence, William Hutchinson

Security as an element in environmental assessment and decision making, William Hutchinson and Matthew Warren

Assessing the Usability of Personal Internet Security Tools, T Ibrahim, Steven Furnell, M Papadaki, and Nathan Clarke

Evaluating Web-Based User Authentication using Graphical Techniques, MZ Jali, Steven Furnell, and PS Dowland

Use of a Secure Portable Application Device as a Component of Network Centric Operations, Peter James

Security Requirements Engineering-The Reluctant Oxymoron, Michael Johnstone

An Introduction to Digital Forensics, Andrew Jones

A summary of Thoughts, Issues and Problems, Andrew Jones

Conclusions and Final Thoughts, Andrew Jones

Developing the Business Plan, Andrew Jones

Establishing and Managing a Digital Forensics Laboratory, Andrew Jones

High Technology Crimes: Case Summaries, Andrew Jones

Lessons not learned on data disposal, Andrew Jones

Networking, Liaison and Sources of Information, Andrew Jones

Responding to Crimes requiring Computer Forensic Investigation, Andrew Jones

The Computer Forensics Unit Strategic, Tactical, and Annual Plans, Andrew Jones

The Future of Digital Forensics in the Criminal Justice System, Andrew Jones

Types of Forensic Investigation, Andrew Jones

Why are we not getting better at Data Disposal?, Andrew Jones

Workload Management and the Outsourcing Option, Andrew Jones


The 2009 Analysis of Information Remaining on USB Storage Devices Offered for Sale on the Second Hand Market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, and G Dabibi


The 2008 analysis of information remaining on disks offered for sale on the second hand market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, Glenn Dardick, Iain Sutherland, and Gareth Davies

Application of latent moderated structuring (LMS) to rank the effects of intervening variables on teh IT and firm performance relationship, Abbas Keramati, Glenn Dardick, Navid Majir, and Behdad Banan

Bluetooth Hacking: A Case Study , Gary Kessler and Dennis Browning

An Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection Architecture to Secure Wireless Network, SY Lim and Andrew Jones

Terror attacks: Understanding social risk views between Singaporean lay and security practitioners, Yam Hoo Loo and David Brooks

Measuring information security governance within general medical practice, Rachel Mahncke, Donald McDermid, and Patricia Williams

Challenges in improving information security practice in Australian general practice, Donald Mcdermid, Rachel Mahncke, and Patricia Williams

Playing Safe: A prototype game for raising awareness of social engineering, Michael Newbould and Steven Furnell

PCI Compliance: Overcoming The Challenges, Benjamin Ngugi, Gina Vega, and Glenn Dardick

Security education in Singapore: A study of knowledge structures in electronic security technology, C Phinney and Clifton Smith


The 2009 Personal Firewall Robustness Evaluation, Ken Pydayya, Peter Hannay, and Patryk Szewczyk

An Assessment of People's Vulnerabilities in Relation to Personal and Sensitive Data, B.G. Sanders, P.S. Dowland, and Steven Furnell

A forensics overview and analysis of USB flash memory devices, Krishnun Sansurooah

Developing an Academic Curriculum in Information Operations: The First Steps, C.D. Schou, J Ryan, and Leigh Armistead

Current Issues in Aviation Security, Narayanan Srinivasan and Shreeman Prabhakaran


ADSL Router Forensics: Methods of Acquisition, Patryk Szewczyk


ADSL Router Forensics Part 2: Acquiring Evidence, Patryk Szewczyk


Assessing the Online Security Awareness of Australian Internet Users, Patryk Szewczyk and Steven Furnell


Insecurity by Obscurity: A Review of SoHo Router Literature from a Network Security Perspective , Patryk Szewczyk and Craig Valli

Improving an Organisations Existing Information Technology Policy to Increase Security, Shane Talbot and Andrew Woodward

Automatic detection of child pornography: A research in progress, Glen Thompson

Education and Training, Craig Valli

Laboratory Location, Craig Valli

Management of Evidence Storage, Craig Valli

Management of the Collection of Evidence, Craig Valli

Quality Assurance, Craig Valli


SCADA Forensics with Snort IDS, Craig Valli

Scoping the Requirement for the Laboratory, Craig Valli

Selecting the Staff, Craig Valli

The future of Digital Forensics and Its Role in Criminal Investigations, Craig Valli


The not so smart, smart grid - potential security risks associated with the deployment of smart grid technologies, Craig Valli

Understanding the role of the Digital Forensic Laboratory Manager, Craig Valli


Visualisation of Honeypot Data Using Graphviz and Afterglow, Craig Valli


SCADA Security - Slowly Circling a Disaster Area, Craig Valli and Andrew Woodward


Capturing Culture in Medical Information Security Research, Patricia Williams

What does security culture look like for small organizations?, Patricia Williams

Do Current BitTorrent Clients Running on Windows 7 Beta Leave Behind Meaningful Data?, Andrew Woodward

When You Can't See the Forest for the Domains: Why a Two Forest Model Should be Used to Achieve Logical Segregation Between SCADA and Corporate Networks, Andrew Woodward and Brett Turner

Submissions from 2008


iPhone Forensics Methodology and Tools, Haitham Al-Hajri and Krishnun Sansurooah

An overview of Mobile Embedded Memory and Forensics Methodology, Mesfer Al-Hajri

iPhone Forensics Methodology and Tools, Mesfer Al-Hajri and Krishnun Sansurooah

Organisational Security: A Propositional Study to Map Expert Knowledge, Adel Alruwaii and David Brooks

Psychometric Risk Perception: Why Some Individuals Elect not to Act on Risks? , Jaber Alsuhaimi and David Brooks

Digital Forensics and the Legal System: A Dilemma of our Times., James Tetteh Ami-Narh and Patricia Williams

Freedom Fighters or Terrorists by another Name?, William Bailey and Adam Mcgill

Survey and Future Trends of Efficient Cryptographic Function Implementations on GPGPUs, Adrian Boeing

Protecting Critical Infrastructure with Games Technology, Adrian Boeing, Martin Masek, and William Bailey

A Review of the Electronic Product Code Standards for RFID Technology, Christopher Bolan

RFID Communications - Who is Listening?, Christopher Bolan

Defining the science of private security through knowledge categorisation, David Brooks

Public Street CCTV: A Psychometric Study of Social Risk, David Brooks


Deployment of Keystroke Analysis on a Smartphone, A Buchoux and Nathan Clarke

A Framework for Anomaly Detection in OKL4-Linux Based Smartphones, G Chow and Andrew Jones

Evaluation a critical point on the path to intelligence, Jeffrey Corkill

Professional Intelligence Judgement Artistry, Jeffrey Corkill

Australia's Oil Refining Industry - Importance, Threats and Emergency Response, Amanda East and William Bailey

Malware Analysis Framework from Static to Dynamic Analysis, Fadi El-moussa and Andrew Jones

Aviation Infrastructure Protection: Threats Contingency Plans and the Importance of Networks, Melvyn Griffiths and William Bailey

Forensic Acquisition and Analysis of the TomTom One Satellite Navigation Unit, Peter Hannay

Cold Boot Memory Acquisition: An Investigation Into Memory Freezing and Data Retention Claims. , Peter Hannay and Andrew Woodward

Evaluating the Usability Impacts of Security Interface Adjustments in Word 2007, M Helala, Steven Furnell, and M Papadaki

Media, Government and Manipulation: The Cases of the Two Gulf Wars, William Hutchinson

Propaganda Dilemmas for Environmental Security, William Hutchinson

The Ethics of Information Operations, William Hutchinson

Catching the Malicious Insider, Andrew Jones

Dealing with the Malicious Insider, Andrew Jones and Carl Colwill


The 2007 Analysis of Information Remaining on Disks offered for sale on the second hand market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, Glenn Dardick, and Iain Sutherland


Analysis of Information Remaining on Hand Held Devices for Sale on the Second Hand Market, Andrew Jones, Craig Valli, and Iain Sutherland

Modern Society as Risk Society: Implications of Modernity on Private Security, David Jurcic

Security Metrics - A Critical Analysis of Current Methods, Manwinder Kaur and Andrew Jones

A New Definition of Piracy in South East Asia Required?, Paul Kevans and William Bailey

The Use of Red Teaming in The Corporate Environment: A Study of Security Management, Vulnerabilities and Defence, G Lane and David Brooks

Australian Defense Force Policy and the use of WPA2 as a security option for deployment of 802.11 wireless devices in the field, Drew Mceniery and Andrew Woodward

Email �Message-IDs� Helpful for Forensic Analysis?, Satheesaan Pasupatheswaran