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Ankle muscle function during preferred and non-Preferred 45° directional cutting in semi-professional basketball players
Robert G. Lockie, Matthew D. Jeffriess, Tye S. McGann, and Samuel J. Callaghan


The moon still speaks
Rashida Murphy


Incidence of cerebral microbleeds in preclinical Alzheimer disease
Paul A. Yates, Patricia M. Desmond, Pramit M. Phal, Christopher Steward, Cassandra Szoeke, Olivier Salvado, Kathryn A. Ellis, Ralph N. Martins, Colin L. Masters, David Ames, Victor L. Villemagne, and Christopher C. Rowe


Symptom onset in autosomal dominant Alzheimer disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Davis C. Ryman, Natalia AcostaBaena, Paul S. Aisen, Thomas Bird, Adrian Danek, Nick C. Fox, Alison Goate, Peter Frommelt, Bernardino Ghetti, Jessica B. Langbaum, Francisco Lopera, Ralph Martins, Colin L. Masters, Richard P. Mayeux, Eric McDade, Sonia Moreno, Eric M. Reiman, John M. Ringman, Steve Salloway, Peter R. Schofield, Reisa Sperling, Pierre N. Tariot, Chengjie Xiong, John C. Morris, and Randall J. Bateman


A brief review of strength and ballistic assessment methodologies in sport
Daniel T. McMaster, Nicholas Gill, John Cronin, and Michael McGuigan


Principles for integrated island management in the tropical Pacific
Stacy D. Jupiter, Aaron P. Jenkins, Warren J. Lee Long, Sean L. Maxwell, Tim J. Carruthers, Kate B. Hodge, Hugh Govan, Jerker Tamelander, and James E. Watson


Seismic Behaviour of Retaining Structures, Design Issues and Requalification Techniques
D Choudhury, A D. Katdare, S K. Shukla, B M. Basha, and P Ghosh


Predictors of malnutrition in Australian haemodialysis patients and comparison of dietary protein intakes to national guidelines
Sabrina Piccini, Amy Fairburn, Emily Gill, Charley A. Budgeon, and Therese O'Sullivan


Analysis of manoeuvres and scoring in competitive surfing
Lina Lundgren, Robert Newton, Tai Tran, Martin Dunn, Sophia Nimphius, and Jeremy Sheppard


How coaches use strongman implements in strength and conditioning practice
Paul Winwood, Paul Cronin, Justin Keogh, Mike Dudson, and Nicholas Gill


Looking both ways: The intersection of road safety education and early childhood research
Stacey Waters, Samantha Baker, Kaashifah Bruce, H Lindner, and E Clarkson

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