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The social construction of ageing: Australian and Welsh perspectives
Sasha A. Stumpers, Lynne Cohen, Julie Ann Pooley, and David J. Mander


Role Perception among Faculty Members at Teacher Education Colleges
Esther Grobgeld, Ariela Teichman-Weinberg, Egoza Wasserman, and Mercedes Barchilon Ben-Av


School-Based Youth Physical Activity Promotion: Thoughts and Beliefs of Pre-Service Physical Education Teachers
Jerome N. Rachele, Thomas F. Cuddihy, Tracy L. Washington, and Steven M. McPhail


The rise and fall of Gunns Ltd
Quentin Beresford


Predicting gerneral practice attendance for follow-up cancer care
Irene M. Ngune; Moyez, Jiwa; Alexandra McManus; Richard Parsons; and Rupert Hodder

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