Submissions from 2008

Black Noise (Ghost of Tongcao), Gregory Pryor

David Turley Old Works, Gregory Pryor

Drilling Into Vermeer - Earth Matters, Gregory Pryor

Hepatitis C and the Australian News Media: A Case of 'Bad Blood', Judith Pugh

Seeing The Light: Episode 12 of Trapped, John Rapsey

Journeys of the Happy Buddha, Ralf Rauker

Going Overboard? Representing Hazara Afghan Refugees as Just Like Us, Debbie Rodan and Cheryl Lange

Golden Apples of the Sun, Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

Little Friend 3 , Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

Sweet Dreams For Queen Bees, Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

The Edge Of the World , Tanya Schultz, Nicole Andrijevic, and John Kassab

Earth Matters, Janien Schwarz

Earth Matters essay, Janien Schwarz

Succulent, Janien Schwarz

Re-Examining Leader Effects: Have Leader Effects Grown in Australian Federal Elections 1990-2004?, Philip Senior and Peter Van Onselen

Our Films, Their Films: Some speculations on writing Indian film history, Brian Shoesmith

Meaningless Play: The Psychological Experience of Shame in Computer Game Play, Glen Spoors


We've Thrown Away The Pens, But Are They Learning? Using Blogs In Higher Education, Katrina Strampel and Ron Oliver

Driving To The Airport, Andrew Taylor

Dust, Andrew Taylor

Family Reunion , Andrew Taylor

History, Fiction and National Identity, Andrew Taylor

I Move A Bit , Andrew Taylor

To Music 5 poems published in France , Andrew Taylor

Men of Steel or Plastic Cops: The use of Ethnography as a Transformative Agent, Christine Teague and David Leith

Who Guards Our Guardians? The Use of Ethnography to Study How Railway Transit Officers Avoid Injury, Christine Teague and David Leith

Goal, Juha Tolonen

Untitled , Juha Tolonen

Works in Hijacked Exhibition and Book , Juha Tolonen

This Breathing World , Paul Uhlmann

Works in Melbourne Art Fair, Paul Uhlmann

HeartNET: Moving Towards a Transformative Space?, Lynsey Uridge, Debbie Rodan, and Lelia Rosalind Green

On Message or Out of Touch? Secure Web Sites and Political Campaigning in Australia, Ainslie Van Onselen and Peter Van Onselen

Introduction, Peter Van Onselen

Howard's End: The Unravelling of a Government, Peter Van Onselen and Philip Senior

Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age, Tania Visosevic

Artwork in Artrage Silver , Tania Visosevic

Choose Life! - R.I.G. [rest in G.L.A.C.K.] Eduardo Kac Life Transformation – Art Mutation, Tania Visosevic

Oh Bon!, Tania Visosevic

The Living Screen (interviews and photos) in Prefix Magazine, Tania Visosevic

TV Teller and Sound Bitch: Nursery Rhymes for Disturbed Children, Tania Visosevic

Dichter op de Huid (Skin Deep) - The Living Screen Project - Bio-Kino Collective, Tania Visosevic, Guy Ben-Ary, and Bruce Murphy

Submissions from 2007

Identities/Hybridities, Amanda Allerding, Clive Barstow, Jeremy Blank, Christopher Crouch, and Nicola Kaye

Behavioural reponses to the terrorism threat: Applications of the Metric of Fear, Anne Aly, Mark Balnaves, and Christopher Chalon

Berlin 1992, Kevin Ballantine

Diana Pictures - essay, Kevin Ballantine

Mary's Hotel, Easter-Sicily- solo exhibition, Kevin Ballantine


Zones of privacy: a prototype information-sharing databased based on Moor's theory of privacy, Mark Balnaves and Joseph Luca

New Legend, Duncan Barnes

Signs of Life , Duncan Barnes


The Economic Role of the Jerusalem Temple in Achaemenid Judah: Comparative Perspectives, Peter Bedford

The Persian Near East, Peter Bedford

Climate Change: Australia and the Kyoto Protocol, Quentin Beresford

Nakedness and Clothing in Early Encounters Between Aboriginal People of Central Australia, Missionaries and Anthropologists, Margaret Brock

Voices of the West End, Brogan Bunt, Vikki Wilson, Derek Kreckler, Jo Law, and Malcolm Riddoch

Grrr- Freeing the Beast, Rinske Car-Driesens, John Parkes, Nalda Searles, and Maria Blaisse


Explorations in Measuring Metacognition: the Design of an Open Source Assessment Instrument for an Online Setting, Barnard Clarkson and Mark McMahon

Praxis and the reflexive creative practitioner, Christopher Crouch


25 years of reporting HIV: What lessons can Pacific journalists learn?, Trevor Cullen


HIV/AIDS and development in the Pacific, Trevor Cullen

But it’s fiction! Getting it right when you’re editing fiction, Amanda Curtin

Synapses, Amanda Curtin

Unlikely partners: Prefabricated 'joke' emails and the serious business of relationships, Julie Dare

Third Degree, Kathryn Davies

Modern Issues: Anthony Trollope and Australia, Jill Durey


John Winston Howard : the definitive biography, Wayne Errington and Peter van Onselen


Black and White Water, Rodney Giblett


Shooting the Sunburnt Country, the Land of Sweeping Place, the Rugged Mountain Ranges: Australian Landscape and Wilderness Photography, Rodney Giblett

Death Lilly: Performing the 'Flower Girl' Role in the Age of Consumption, Catherine Gomersall

Femme Fatalist: artist-in-residence, Catherine Gomersall

Home Entertainment Unit, Catherine Gomersall

Evaluating Quality Practice-Led Research: Still a Moving Target?, Lelia Rosalind Green

Another Casablanca: Bab ar Rouah, Alan Hancock

In The Heartland, Alan Hancock

The Writer's Inner Voice, Alan Hancock

Terra Part 3: WAAPA, Nanette Hassall

New Threats New Walls: the Internet in China, Kay Hearn and Brian Shoesmith

White Hibiscus, Kara Jacob

Bodysurfers and Australian beach culture, Edwin Jaggard

Masala McGospel: A Case Study of CBN's Solutions Programme in India, Jonathan James and Brian Shoesmith

A review of current occupational safety & health practices in the Australian transport industry in relation to women transport workers, Janis Jansz

How do you get Reliability out of People?, Janis Jansz

Muslims in Australia: The Double Edge of Terrorism, Nahid Kabir

What does it mean to be un-Australian? Views of Australian Muslim students in 2006, Nahid Kabir

Why I call Australia "Home"?: A Transmigrant's perspective, Nahid Kabir

Inside Out Artist talks: Catalogue essay, Nicola Kaye

Physical/Virtual, Nicola Kaye

Representations of the Real, Nicola Kaye

The visceral and the fluid: a reconfiguration Catalogue essay, Nicola Kaye

Bypass: what is an opera without an audience?, Nicola Kaye and Stephen Terry


Producing Graduates with Essential Generic Skills: A Model for Teaching and Learning, Joseph Luca and Deanna Heal

Radio-ing In: the artifice of invention, Jonathan Marshall

Language maintenance, shift - and planning, Graham Mckay

Noun incorporation in Rembarrnga discourse, Graham Mckay

A Document Oriented Model for the Design of Serious Games, Mark McMahon


Explorations in Metacognition: The design, development, and implementation of an online teamwork tracking environment, Mark Mcmahon and Joseph Luca


A Self-Assessment Tool to Help Learners Develop Teamwork Skills, Mark Mcmahon, Joseph Luca, and Christina John

Old School, New School, Truetype School, Stuart Medley

Test Pup: technologies for the oil and gas, petrochemical and subsea industries., Stuart Medley