Submissions from 2009

Oil mallees provide foraging habitat for the Western Pygmy Possum (Cercartetus concinnus) in the wheatbelt of Western Australia, Marie Short, Francis Patrick Smith, and Eddie Van Etten

Satellite-derived SST Data as a Proxy for Water Temperature in Nearshore Benthic Ecology, Daniel A. Smale and Thomas Wernberg


Impacts on Aboriginal Spirituality and Culture from Tourism in the Coastal Waterways of the Kimberley Region, North West Australia, Amanda J. Smith, Pascal Scherrer, and Ross Dowling


Macroinvertebrate Cycles of Decline and Recovery in Swan Coastal Plain (Western Australia) Wetlands Affected by Drought Induced Acidification, Beate Sommer and Pierre Horwitz

Physiological responses of Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales) to a latitudinal gradient in ocean temperature, Peter A. Staehr and Thomas Wernberg

Browsing and fire interact to suppress tree density in an African Savanna, A. Carla Staver, William J Bond, William Stock, Sue J van Rensberg, and Matthew S Waldram

Broad-scale patterns of abundance of non-indigenous soft-bottom invertebrates in Denmark, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Brian R. Silliman, and Alf B. Josephson

Evidence for impacts of non-indigenous macroalgae: a meta-analysis of experimental field studies, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Fernando Tuya, and Brian Reed Silliman

Phytogeography of the Lusitanian Macaronesia: biogeographic affinities in species richness and assemblage composition, Fernando Tuya and Ricardo J. Haroun

Colonization of gastropods on subtidal reefs depends on density in adjacent habitats, not on disturbance regime, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

Habitat structure affect abundances of labrid fishes across Habitat structure affect abundances of labrid fishes across temperate reefs in south-western Australia, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

The habitats of the Western Ausrtalian soldier crab Myctyris accidentalis Unno 2008 (Brachyra: Myctyridae) across its biogeographical range, Joyleen Unno and Vic Semeniuk


Intensity of herbivory on kelp by fish and sea urchins differs between inshore and offshore reefs, Mathew Vanderklift, Paul Lavery, and Kris Waddington

Inter-annual rainfall variability in arid Australia: greater than elsewhere? , Eddie Van Etten

Response of fringing vegetation to flooding and discharge of hypersaline water at Lake Austin, Western Australia, Eddie Van Etten and Simone Vellekoop

Infield Detection of Arsenic Using Portable Digital Voltameter, PDV6000, Magdalena Wajrak

Utilisation and Validation of a Rapid, On-Site Capability for Metal Analysis, Magdalena Wajrak and Peter McCafferty

Authentic Assessment - “ Mission Possible or Mission Impossible?, Magdalena Wajrak and Timothy Perkins

The Science of Conservation Biology, Grant Wardell-Johnson and Pierre Horwitz

Spatial variation in juvenile and adult Ecklonia radiata (Laminariales) sporophytes, Thomas Wernberg

Historical nitrogen content of bryophyte tissue as an indicator of increased nitrogen deposition in the Cape Metropolitan Area, South Africa, Daniel Wilson, William Stock, and Terry Hedderson

Submissions from 2008

Acari (mite) assemblages under plantations of bluegum, Eucalyptus globulus, in southwest Australia., Honi Adolphson and Adrianne Kinnear

Importance of tasting rooms for Canary Islands' wineries, Abel Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer

Wine Tourism in the Canary Islands: An Exploratory Study, Abel Alonso, Lynnaire Sheridan, and Pascal Scherrer


Bibliorakali: The Australian Water Rat, Hydromys Chrysogaster Geoffroy, 1804 (Muridae: Hydromyinae), a subject-specific bibliography, Christie Atkinson, Mark Lund, and Keith Morris

Biomanagement of sago-sludge using an earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae, J. Rajesh Banu, Ick Tae Yeom, S. Esakkiraj, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and S. Logakanthi

Biomanagement of sago-sludge using an earthworm, Lampito mauritii, J. Rajesh Banu, Ick Tae Yeom, Esakkiraj S., Naresh Radhakrishnan, Young Woo Lee, and Vallinayagam S.

Student Learning and Evaluation in Analytical Chemistry Using a Problem-Oriented Approach and Portfolio Assessment, Mary Boyce and Sundrakanthi Singh

Identification Of Hairy, Smooth And Hybrid Marron (Decapoda: Parastacidae) In The Margaret River: Morphology And Allozymes. , John JS Bunn, Annette Koenders, Christopher M. Austin, and Pierre Horwitz


Physiological characteristics of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa along a depth-related gradient of light availability, Catherine Collier, Paul Lavery, Peter Ralph, and Ray Masini

Nutrient concentration ratios and co-limitation in South African grasslands, Joseph M Craine, Carl Morrow, and William Stock

The Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis) in northern Western Australia: a recent sighting from the Pilbara region, Robert Davis and B Metcalf

Range extension of the Western Heath Dragon Rankinia adelaidensis and Gray's legless lizard Delma grayii with notes on the distribution of southern Swan coastal plain reptiles, Robert Davis and Jennifer Wilcox

Human Evolution -- Where from Here?, David Goodall

Discussion on Sustainability of Arid Land Afforestation with Hardpan Blasting from Soil Chemical Assessment, Hiroyuki Hamano, N Saito, S Kato, H Kitahara, N Takahashi, Koichi Yamada, and Toshinori Kojima

Complex interactions in a rapidly changing world: responses of rocky shore communities to recent climate change, Stephen J Hawkins, Philippa Moore, Michael T Burrows, Elvira Poloczanska, Nova Mieszkowska, Roger JH Herbert, Stuart R Jenkins, Richard C Thompson, Martiin J Genner, and Alan J Southward


Human exposure to metals in groundwater affected by acid sulfate soil disturbance, Andrea Hinwood, Pierre Horwitz, and Ruth Rogan

Assessing urinary levoglucosan and methoxyphenols as biomarkers for use in woodsmoke exposure studies., Andrea Hinwood, Masooma Trout, John Murby, Caroline Barton, and Bob Symons


Hydrological change escalates risk of ecosystem stress in Australia's threatened biodiversity hotspot, Pierre Horwitz, Don Bradshaw, Stephen Hopper, Peter Davies, Raymond Froend, and Felicity Bradshaw

Comparative ecology of North Atlantic shores: do diffferences in players matter for process?, Stuart R Jenkins, Philippa Moore, Michael T Burrows, David J Garbary, Stephen J Hawkins, AGNAR INGOLFSSON, Kenneth P Sebens, Paul V Snelgrove, David S Wethey, and Sarah A Woodin

Perceptions Of Successful Students: Lessons In The First Year Experience, Adrianne Kinnear, Heather Sparrow, Mary Boyce, and Sharon Middleton

Movements of the western rock lobster (Panulirus cygnus) within shallow coastal waters using acoustic telemetry, Lachlan Macarthur, Russ Babcock, and Glenn Hyndes

Nocturnally active western rock lobsters, Panulirus cygnus, forage close to shallow coastal reefs, Lachlan Douglas Macarthur, Glenn Hyndes, Russ Babcock, and Mathew Vanderklift


Field-Scale Demonstration of the Potential for Sewage to Remediate Acidic Mine Waters, Clinton Mccullough, Mark Lund, and Joel May

Changes in nutrient profile of soil subjected to bioleaching for removal of heavy metals using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans, Naresh Radhakrishnan and R. Nagendran

Bioleaching of heavy metals from contaminated soil using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans: effect of sulfur/soil ratio, Naresh Radhakrishnan, R. Nagendran, and K. Parvathi

The Erosive Effect of Tourism at an Aboriginal Rock Art Site on the Western Edge of the Arid Zone In South-Western Australia, Alana Rossi and Esmee Webb

Interactions between bluefish Pomatomus saltatrix (L.) and coastal sea-cage farms in the Mediterranean Sea, Pablo Sanchez-Jerez, Damian Fernandez-Jover, Just Bayle-Sempere, Carlos Valle, Tim Dempster, Fernando Tuya, and Francis Juanes

Maintaining Momentum: The Challenge of a Workplace Physical Activity Program to Sustain Motivation and Activity, Pascal Scherrer, Nadine Henley, Lynnaire Sheridan, Ruth Sibson, and Maria Ryan


Sea-level changes and palaeo-ranges: reconstruction of ancient shorelines and river drainages and the phylogeography of the Australian land crayfish Engaeus sericatus Clark (Decapoda: Parastacidae), Mark B. Schultz, Daniel A. Ierdiaconou, Sarah A. Smith, Pierre Horwitz, Alastair MM Richardson, Keith A. Crandall, and Christopher M. Austin

Annual changes in abundance of non-indigenous marine benthos on a very large spatial scale, Mads Thomsen, Thomas Wernberg, Peter Staehr, Brian Silliman, Alf Josephson, Dorte Krause-Jensen, and Nils Riisgaard-Petersen

Testing the 'abundant centre' hypothesis on endemic reef fishes in south-western Australia, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

The spatial arrangement of reefs alters the ecological patterns of fauna between interspersed algal habitats, Fernando Tuya, Thomas Wernberg, and Mads Thomsen

A New Species of Soldier Crab, Myctyris Occidentalis (Crustacea: Decapoda: Mictyridae) From Western Australia, With Congener Comparisons., Joyleen Unno

The Western Australian Soldier Crab, Mictyris Occidentalis Unno 2008 (Brachyura: Decapoda:Mictyridae): The Importance of Behaviour in Design of Sampling Methods., Joyleen Unno

Ichnological Studies of the Western Australian Soldier Crab Myctyris Occidentalis Unno 2008: Correlations of Field and Aquarium Observations, Joyleen Unno and V. Semeniuk


Food Resources of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) in the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy study area., Leonie E. Valentine and William Stock


Food Resources of Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo (Calyptorhynchus latirostris) in the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy study area, Leonie E. Valentine and William Stock

Detached kelps from distant sources are a food subsidy for sea urchins, Mathew Vanderklift and Thomas Wernberg

Ecological Engineering by a Mega-Grazer: White Rhino Impacts on a South African Savanna, Matthew S Waldram, William J Bond, and William Stock

How was Mulka's Cave, an Aboriginal Rock Art Site Near Hyden, in South Western Australia, Used by the People Who Decorated it's Walls, When the Present Entrance Was Much Smaller?, Esmee Webb and Alana Rossi

Physical Disturbance and Subtidal Habitat Structure on Open Rocky Coasts: Effects of Wave Exposure, Extent and Intensity, Thomas Wernberg and Sean Connell

Short-term temporal dynamics of algal species in a subtidal kelp bed in relation to changes in environmental conditions and canopy biomass, Thomas Wernberg and Nisse Goldberg

Population Structure of Turbinid Gastropods on Wave-Exposed Subtidal Reefs: Effects of Density, Body Size and Algae on Grazing Behaviour, Thomas Wernberg, Melissa White, and Mathew Vanderklift

Nutrient requirements of in vitro cultured Halophila ovalis and Posidoniq coriacea: nitrogen source, Julia Wilson and Ian Bennett

Submissions from 2007

Light-emitting diode-compatible probes for indirect detection of anions in CE, Peter Balding, Mary Boyce, MC Breadmore, and M Macka

Light-emitting Diode-Compatible Probes for Indirect Detection of Anions in CE, Peter Balding, Mary C. Boyce, Michael Breadmore, and Mirek Macka

Determination of additives and organic contaminants in food by CE and CEC, Mary Boyce

Determination of additives and organic contaminants in food by capillary electrophoresis, Mary C. Boyce

The Western Australian Regional Forest Agreement: Economic Rationalism and the Normalisation of Political Closure, Martin Brueckner


Retrospective analysis of epiphyte assemblages in relation to seagrass loss in a eutrophic coastal embayment, ML Cambridge, JR How, Paul Lavery, and MA Vanderklift


Morphological, growth and meadow characteristics of the seagrass Posidonia sinuosa along a depth-related gradient of light availability, CJ Collier, Paul Lavery, RJ Masini, and PJ Ralph

Negative Interactions: The Influence of Predators and Herbivores on Prey and Ecological Systems, S Connell and Mathew Vanderklift

The role of different types of detached macrophytes in the food and habitat choice of a surf-zone inhabiting amphipod, Karen Crawley and Glenn Hyndes

Variation among diets in discrimination of delta13C and delta15N in the amphipod Allorchestes compressa, Karen Crawley, Glenn Hyndes, and Mathew Vanderklift

Assessing nitrogen fixation in mixed- and single-species plantations of Eucalyptus globulus and Acacia mearnsii, DI Forrester, M Schortemeyer, William Stock, J. Bauhus, PK Khanna, and AL Cowie


Anisohydric but Isohydrodynamic: Seasonally Constant Plant Water Potential Gradient Explained by a Stomatal Control Mechanism Incorporating Variable Plant Hydraulic Conductance, Peter Franks, Paul Drake, and Raymond Froend

Excerpta Botanica - a valuable bibliographical source for vegetation science, David Goodall


Risk Factors for Increased BTEX Exposure in Four Australian Cities, Andrea Hinwood, Clemencia Rodriguez, Tina Runnion, Drew Farrar, Frank Murray, Anthony Horton, Deborah Glass, Vicky Sheppeard, John Edwards, Lynnette Denison, Tom Whitworth, Chris Eiser, Max Bulsara, Rob Gillett, Jenny Powell, S Lawson, Ian Weeks, and Ian Galbally

Marine macrophytes directly enhance abundances of sandy beach fauna through provision of food and habitat, Rebecca Ince, Glenn Hyndes, Paul Lavery, and Mathew Vanderklift


Bait Uptake and Caching by Red Foxes and Nontarget Species in Urban Reserves, Jennifer Jackson, Dorian Moro, Peter Mawson, Mark Lund, and Amanda Mellican

Behavior of Nutrions in Sap of Eucalyptus camaldulensis in Arid Land of Western Australia, Toshinori Kojima, N Saito, Y Tanaka, Hiroyuki Hamano, S Kato, K Tahara, N Takahashi, and Koichi Yamada


Effect of leaf movement on epiphytic algal biomass of seagrass leaves, Paul Lavery, Tara Reid, Glenn Hyndes, and Beverley Van Elven


New species of Andersonia (Ericaceae) of conservation concern, Kristina L. Lemson


Monitoring Wetlands in a Salinizing Landscape: Case Studies from the Wheatbelt Region of Western Australia, M N. Lyons, Stuart Halse, N Gibson, D J. Cale, J A. Lane, C D. Walker, D A. Mickle, and Raymond Froend

Varying foraging strategies of Labridae in seagrass habitats: herbivory in temperate seagrass meadows?, Lachlan Douglas Macarthur and Glenn Hyndes


Effects of experimental reduction of light availability on the seagrass Amphibolis griffithii, P Mackey, CJ Collier, and Paul Lavery

Distribution and reproductive biology of the sandbar shark, Carcharhinus plumbeus (Nardo), in Western Australian waters, Rory Brian Mcauley, CA Simpfendorfer, Glenn Hyndes, and RCJ Lenanton

Effects of grazer identity on the probability of escapes by a canopy-forming macroalga, Philippa Moore, Stephen Hawkins, and Richard Thompson

Role of biological habitat amelioration in altering the relative responses of congeneric species to climate change, Philippa Moore, Stephen Hawkins, and Richard Thompson

Detritivores as indicators of landscape stress and soil degradation, M Paoletti, G Osler, Adrianne Kinnear, D Black, L Thompson, A Tsitilas, D Sharley, S Judd, P Neville, and A D'Inca

Effect of pH on chromium biosorption by chemically treated Saccharomyces cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, R. Nagendran, and Naresh Radhakrishnan

Lead biosorption onto waste beer yeast by-product, a means to decontaminate effluent generated from battery manufacturing industry, K. Parvathi, R. Nagendran, and Naresh Radhakrishnan

Biosorption of manganese by Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and R. Nagendran

Manganese biosorption sites of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, K. Parvathi, Naresh Radhakrishnan, and R. Nagendran

Influence of initial pH on bioleaching of heavy metals from contaminated soil employing indigenous Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans, Naresh Radhakrishnan and R Nagendran

Microbial solubilization of heavy metals from soil using indigenous sulfur oxidizing bacterium: Effects of sulfur/soil ratio, Naresh Radhakrishnan, R. Nagendran, and K. Parvathi

The relationship between outdoor air quality and respiratory symptoms in young children, Clemencia Rodriguez, Russell Tonkin, J Heyworth, M Kusel, N De Klerk, P Sly, P Franklin, T Runnion, A Blockley, L Landau, and Andrea Hinwood


Cryptic diversity in Engaeus Erichson, Geocharax Clark and Gramastacus Riek (Decapoda:Parastacidae) revealed by mitochondrial 16S rDNA sequences, Mark B. Schultz, Sarah A. Smith, Alastair MM Richardson, Pierre Horwitz, Keith A. Crandall, and Christopher M. Austin

Field survival and growth of clonal, micropropagated Eucalyptus marginata selected for resistance to Phytophthora cinnamomi, MJC Stukely, CE Crane, JA McComb, and Ian Bennett