Inter-study intervals animation

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Original Creative Work


Nicola Carr-White

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Edith Cowan University, Western Australia


School of Education


Nicola Carr-White, a primary trained teacher, developed a classroom practice process through informal action research using a tool known as a mastery learning folder. The ability to better manage differentiation and consolidation in this context, and positive student progress, led her to undertake a research MEd to discover the underlying theory and to identify potential evidence-informed revisions based on spaced retrieval, interleaving and metacognitive strategies. The original process provided a baseline for comparison with relevant research.

This video supports the MEd thesis of Nicola Carr-White.


The DLCP commences with a Criterion Phase to establish initial learning item retrieval. This is followed by the Retention Phase which incorporates expanding inter-study intervals. Spaced practice within the DLCP ranges from days (or hours according to student needs) to weeks in the Retention Phase. This video supports the thesis discussion on the identification of potentially optimum inter-study intervals for durable learning within the Retention Phase of the DLCP.

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