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Journal Article

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Current Issues in Tourism


Taylor & Francis


School of Business and Law




This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM on 11/10/2023, available online:

Xie, C., Fang, X., Yu, J., & Huang, S. (2023). How can aesthetic value and travel inspiration lead to audience’s intention to share short-form travel videos? A fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis study. Current Issues in Tourism. Advance online publication.


Based on aesthetics and inspiration perspectives, this study applied fuzzy-set qualitative comparative analysis to investigate the configurations of aesthetic and travel inspiration variables that lead to audience’s intention to share SfTV. The study identified six configurations between the four aesthetic value constructs and the two travel inspiration constructs explaining audience’s sharing intention, which can be further summarized into four typical modes: ‘destination reputation-inspiration’, ‘presenter physical beauty-inspiration’, ‘video aesthetics-inspiration’ and ‘presenter physical beauty-video aesthetics-inspiration’. The study emphasized the key role of travel inspiration, as it always presents as the core condition in each configuration, while obvious substitution can be found with aesthetic value factors. This study provided new insights of the relationship between configuration effects of aesthetic value and inspiration and audience intention to share SfTV, which can be applied in industry practices.



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