Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Education Honours


School of Education

First Advisor

Malcom McKercher

Second Advisor

Dr Sybe Jongeling

Third Advisor

Gary Richards


(a) There were no significant differences in the Physical Self Concept of adolescents who participated in Outdoor Education adventure activities, when compared to the Control group. (t = 0.9869, p > .05). (b) There were no significant differences in the Physical Self-Concept of those adolescents who perceived the activities to be of a high adventure nature compared with those who perceived them to be of a medium adventure nature (t = -0.3405, p > .05). (c) Males did not exhibit a more significant change in Physical Self-Concept than females, as a result of the adventure activities (t = 0.3405, p > .05) (d) There was no significant relationship between high internal Locus of Control and high positive change in Physical Self-Concept levels. (t = 0.1647, p > .05) (r = -0.13289). It was concluded that the results obtained from the data collected for the study failed to substantiate any of the hypotheses of the study, and the following factors may have led to this position: (a) Already high and stable levels in Physical Self-Concept of subjects; (b) Short duration of the of the adventure programme (three days); (c) Small sample of statistical test used (n = 34).