Submissions from 2008

The potential role of life-writing therapy in facilitating 'recovery' for those with mental illness, Philip Max Neilsen and Ffion Murphy

An Email-Based Delphi Approach to Tourism Program Evaluation: Involving Stakeholders in Research Design, Jeremy Northcote, Diane Lee, Stephanie Chok, and Aggie Wegner

Threshold of Tolerability: the Impact of Management Changes to Recreational Fishing in Ningaloo Marine Park, Jeremy Northcote and Jim Macbeth

Accompanist for Megan Washington - Paul Grabowsky Septet, Lost and Found, Sam Keevers Nonet, Jamie Oehlers

Interpretation of Thelonious Monk Music, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers Headline Artist, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers Quartet, Jamie Oehlers

Jamie Oehlers with the Brodsky Quartet and PIAF (WA), Jamie Oehlers

Lost and Found: Oehlers, Grabowsky and Beck, Jamie Oehlers

Paul Grabowski Sextet, Jamie Oehlers

Rainbow Bridge, Jamie Oehlers

Ratings in Revolution or Transition?, Tom O'Regan and Mark Balnaves

Freaky Dancer , Jonathan Paget

Glowing Guitars - guest soloist , Jonathan Paget

Guitarfest , Jonathan Paget

Lachrimae Tristes (Sad Tears), Jonathan Paget

Latin Flavours , Jonathan Paget

Midsummer's Night, Jonathan Paget

Romancero , Jonathan Paget

Souvenirs, Jonathan Paget

Luna Park, 2006, Maxwell Pam

Hijacked - Exhibition, Maxwell Pam and Mark Mcpherson

Short Cuts, Susan Peacock

Political Chronicles Western Australia January to June 2008, Harry Phillips and Liz Kerr

Political Chronicles Western Australia July to December 2007, Harry Phillips and Liz Kerr


Creativity's Crossingforces:A Danced Interplay, Maggi Phillips

Therapy Like Fish : New and Selected Poems, Marcella Polain

Dangerous Curves, Paul Pooley

Saxophone Colossus, Paul Pooley

Victoria Newton in Concert, Paul Pooley

Black Noise (Ghost of Tongcao), Gregory Pryor

David Turley Old Works, Gregory Pryor

Drilling Into Vermeer - Earth Matters, Gregory Pryor

Hepatitis C and the Australian News Media: A Case of 'Bad Blood', Judith Pugh

Far Away, Angela Punch-Mcgregor

Seeing The Light: Episode 12 of Trapped, John Rapsey

Journeys of the Happy Buddha, Ralf Rauker

Dada Manifesto, Malcolm Riddoch

Epic of Gilgamesh: Abe Sada , Malcolm Riddoch

Going Overboard? Representing Hazara Afghan Refugees as Just Like Us, Debbie Rodan and Cheryl Lange

Golden Apples of the Sun, Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

Little Friend 3 , Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

Sweet Dreams For Queen Bees, Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic

Earth Matters, Janien Schwarz

Earth Matters essay, Janien Schwarz

Succulent, Janien Schwarz

Re-Examining Leader Effects: Have Leader Effects Grown in Australian Federal Elections 1990-2004?, Philip Senior and Peter Van Onselen

Our Films, Their Films: Some speculations on writing Indian film history, Brian Shoesmith

A Baroque Bouquet - Director, Stewart Smith

Baroque Oboe and Violin - harpischord player, Stewart Smith

Coram Boy-original score pre-recorded , Stewart Smith

Everything Baroque-harpsichord/chamber organ player, Stewart Smith

The Perfection of Music: Masterpieces of the French Baroque: The Palais Royal, Stewart Smith

Various Baroque Works, Stewart Smith

Bach in the Dark Concert, Stewart Smith and Peter Tanfield

Meaningless Play: The Psychological Experience of Shame in Computer Game Play, Glen Spoors


We've Thrown Away The Pens, But Are They Learning? Using Blogs In Higher Education, Katrina Strampel and Ron Oliver

August Classics: Hobart Chamber Orchestra Concert , Peter Tanfield

Musica Viva Tasmania/Violin Recitals, Peter Tanfield

St. Matthew Passion , Peter Tanfield

Tasmanian Youth Orchestra, Peter Tanfield

Secrets to Success: A Qualitative Study of Perceptions of Childhood Immunisations in a Highly Immunised Population, Marie Tarrant and Neil Thomson

Guitar Man - Hank Marvin CD as percussionist, Christopher Tarr

Descarga and Dance Tour as percussionist, Christopher Tarr and Jeremy Greig

Dinner By The River, Andrew Taylor

Driving To The Airport, Andrew Taylor

Dust, Andrew Taylor

Family Reunion , Andrew Taylor

History, Fiction and National Identity, Andrew Taylor

Noises Off, Crispin Taylor

Sweeney Todd, Crispin Taylor

Ted Hughes’ Tales From Ovid, Crispin Taylor

Men of Steel or Plastic Cops: The use of Ethnography as a Transformative Agent, Christine Teague and David Leith

Who Guards Our Guardians? The Use of Ethnography to Study How Railway Transit Officers Avoid Injury, Christine Teague and David Leith

Summary of Indigenous Health: Tuberculosis, Neil Thomson and Jane Burns

Summary of Indigenous Health: Hepatitis, Neil Thomson and Amy Hardy

Goal, Juha Tolonen

Untitled , Juha Tolonen

Works in Hijacked Exhibition and Book , Juha Tolonen

This Breathing World , Paul Uhlmann

Works in Melbourne Art Fair, Paul Uhlmann

HeartNET: Moving Towards a Transformative Space?, Lynsey Uridge, Debbie Rodan, and Lelia Rosalind Green

Summary of Indigenous Health: Kava Use, Belinda Urquhart and Neil Thomson

On Message or Out of Touch? Secure Web Sites and Political Campaigning in Australia, Ainslie Van Onselen and Peter Van Onselen

Introduction, Peter Van Onselen

Howard's End: The Unravelling of a Government, Peter Van Onselen and Philip Senior

Art and Science in the Post-Biological Age, Tania Visosevic

Artwork in Artrage Silver , Tania Visosevic

Choose Life! - R.I.G. [rest in G.L.A.C.K.] Eduardo Kac Life Transformation – Art Mutation, Tania Visosevic

Oh Bon!, Tania Visosevic

The Living Screen (interviews and photos) in Prefix Magazine, Tania Visosevic

TV Teller and Sound Bitch: Nursery Rhymes for Disturbed Children, Tania Visosevic

Dichter op de Huid (Skin Deep) - The Living Screen Project - Bio-Kino Collective, Tania Visosevic, Guy Ben-Ary, and Bruce Murphy

Miss Muffet Eats a Mushroom, Michael Whaites

Accompanist for Ralph Thompson Memorial Scholarship Recital , David Wickham

CPE Bach Chamber Music Ensemble, pianist, David Wickham

Die Walkure, David Wickham

Opera Stars Of the Future, David Wickham

Piano accompaniment for international recording artist Ruby Philogene, David Wickham

PVC piano trio - Beethoven and Schubert, David Wickham