About This Journal

The purpose of the Australian Journal of Teacher Education is to enhance the quality of teacher education through the publication of research reports, learned points of view and commentaries. Contributions may address proposals for, or descriptions of, development in the purpose, structure and methodology of teacher education; curriculum issues; changes in schools; or general social, ideological or political issues relating to teacher education. Papers must make an explicit connection with teacher education.

The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, which is blind peer reviewed by a minimum of two members of the Editorial panel, is access free, electronic and published by Edith Cowan University. The Journal is indexed by the Australian Education Index and ERIC. It was rated ‘A’ by Australian Research Council in 2010 (www.arc.gov.au/era/era_journal_list/htm ) and is ranked .496 on SCImago.

It is pleased to offer authors an efficient publication service. Manuscripts that have been through the review and revision cycle and have been accepted for publication will typically be published within two months. The time to first review can take up to six months, due to the large number of papers being submitted for review.

Intending authors should be aware that the Journal has a rejection rate in excess of 50%.