Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


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Books reviewed. Lokan, J. and McKenzie, P. (eds). (1989). Teacher appraisal : issues and approaches. Australian Education Review, No. 28. Melbourne: ACER. Christie, F. (Ed.). (1990). Literacy for the Changing World: A Fresh Look at the Basics. Melbourne: ACER. Willis, S. (ed.). (1990). Being Numerate: What Counts? Melbourne: ACER. Brennan, B. (ed.). (1990). Continuing Professional Education : Promise and Performance. (Australian Education Review No.30), Melbourne: ACER. Atkin, J., Bastiani, J., and Goode, J., (1988). Listening to Parents, Kent: Croom Helm. Ralph Pethnan. (1986) Teaching for Human Rights : Pre-school and Grades 1-4. Canberra: Australian Government PublIshing Service. VIDEO REVIEW Educating Inattentive Children.

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