Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


Since the 1970s an ‘ethics boom’ has occurred to counter the disappearance of ethics education from tertiary institutions. This ‘boom’ appears to be absent from teacher education programs in Australia and the United States.

Given persistent calls to enhance teacher quality this is problematic because quality teaching is inexorably linked to teachers’ beliefs, values and professional ethics.

This case study, conducted in a regional Australian university, was designed to document examples of ethical dilemmas faced by pre-service and practising teachers, to explore pre-service teachers’ perceptions of ethics education and to examine the BEd course curriculum for ethics subjects across the four-year degree course.

Results highlight a need for teacher training courses to include ethical philosophy units. This represents a sustainable way to support professional practice and enhance teacher quality, by preparing and equipping teachers with techniques to explore and teach complex ethical issues in the classroom.


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