Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


Throughout the time of my teaching career, the tide has exposed changes in the nature of music, students and music education. This paper discusses teaching and learning in contemporary music at seven critical stages of 21st century music education:
i) diverse types of undergraduate learners
ii) teaching traditional classical repertoire and skills
to contemporary music students
iii) transitioning undergraduates through pre-service
teaching into the workforce
iv) supervisory pedagogy for creative work higher
degree research models
v) upskilling established teachers in musical
practice and pedagogy
vi) professional development for adult community
vii) disseminating learning back into music and
teacher education.
Constant elements in this landscape are musicianship, practice, creativity, employment, aesthetic expression and personal fulfilment. Shifting sands include characteristics of learners, pedagogy, delivery, technology, industry trends, and learning through consecutive career stages. The final scenario addresses challenges for musicians and teachers to maintain their creative practice through self-directed lifelong learning.

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