Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


A growing awareness of the value of Aboriginal teachers in Australian schools has motivated the development of the ‘On Country’ Teacher Education (OCTE) program through collaboration between the Western Australian Department of Education and Curtin University. The OCTE builds on previous initiatives to increase the number of Aboriginal teachers in Australian classrooms and has also developed new features. It enables Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs[1]) to obtain a teaching degree while studying ‘on Country’ and working in their (often remote) schools. An evaluation of the first year of this course through the interviews/yarns with the AIEOs, principals, and program staff is outlined, highlighting the value of support afforded by the program, course flexibility, and face-to-face workshops. We also describe how feedback provided through this evaluation has been considered and incorporated into the ongoing development of the course.

[1] Formerly known as Aboriginal Education Workers (AEWs) in WA government schools.

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