Sound Scripts

Sound Scripts

Sound Scripts is a blind-peer reviewed journal, specialising in new music and sound art.

Beginning as an outlet for reworked papers authored by presenters from the Totally Huge New Music Festival Conference, Sound Scripts has since been issued each year following the conference. All articles are fully refereed as stand-alone, journal submissions. Sound Scripts also includes additional invited scholarly essays, scores, artist comments, and other materials, depending on the edition and each is typically organised around a theme drawn from the conference.

Current Volume: Volume 6 (2019)


silences [score]
Sage J. Harlow


Jonathan W. Marshall
Cecilia Sun

Editorial Committee:
Jonathan W. Marshall (WAAPA@ECU)
Cecilia Sun (UWA)
Jennifer Cattermole (Otago)
Shelley Brunt (RMIT)
Sarah Collins (UWA)
Stuart James (WAAPA@ECU)
Louise Devenish (UWA)
Helen Rusak (WAAPA@ECU)

Cover Image: Anne LeBaron, Subiaco Arts Centre (27 Oct 2017); photo Bohdan Warchomij; image courtesy of Tura New Music
Typeset and design: Jonathan W. Marshall