Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


Julie Landvogt

This teaching life


This article outlines the findings of a survey of primary and secondary teachers from all sectors of the Victorian system and of all levels of experience. Questions explored aspects of teaching ranging from the nitty gritty detail of the number of hours worked, procedures of planning and execution of lessons, through to more fundamental issues such as attitudes to teaching as a profession and respondents' reasons for entering and remaining in this vocation. Responses demonstrated deeply held convictions about the importance of teaching, with respondents usually being impelled by an intense love of their subject and/or a fervent desire to be part of the development of the next generation, helping students to grow into full human beings. Together with this, however was a strong sense of frustration about the increasing demands made by the community on the curriculum, a lack of time to carry out tasks effectively, and the inadequate regard in which teaching is held by the general public.

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