Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


This study examined the concerns and experiences of

Malaysian student teachers during their practicum. The 14

student teachers who volunteered were asked to maintain a

reflective journal throughout their practicum to document their

teaching concerns and confidence to teach. Eighteen derived

concerns were identified and placed into four main themes: (a)

classroom management and student discipline; (b) institutional

and personal adjustment; (c) classroom teaching; and (d)

student learning. Specific comments were sought to provide

citations that represented their concerns. This paper has

intended to draw attention to the underlying reasons given by

student teachers about their concerns prior to and during the

practicum in order to integrate areas of concern into future

management and development of teacher education. The value

of the study was in the pursuit of using student teachers’ own

capacity to self-assess and appraise their circumstances as a

research area in teaching; and showed how the understanding

of learning to teach could be enriched through their own selfawareness

of the circumstances surrounding them.


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