Australian Journal of Teacher Education

Australian Journal of Teacher Education


This study was conducted to identify the characteristics of a

group of Turkish pre-service English Language teachers’ reflective

writing. A mixed method approach was taken in the analysis of their

written reflections on a video-recorded microteaching experience at the

end of a campus-based methodology course. First, qualitative analysis of

the written reflections revealed the modes and themes of reflection.

Second, the crosstabulations of the emerging reflective and thematic

categories were calculated to investigate how each category interacted.

The analyses revealed that while most of the reflection was descriptive

and focused on the self, some of the participants engaged in reflection

that showed a search for reasons behind and alternatives to their

practice. Some also referred to past and hypothetical future experiences.

This study contributes to the knowledge base on the reflective writing of

non-native pre-service English Language teachers and emphasises the

importance of tapping into reflections early on in pre-service teacher



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