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Australian Journal of Teacher Education


In this paper I discuss how I framed and wrote an autoethnographic personal narrative of my lived experience as a New Zealand physical education teacher educator in the presence of two cultures, Māori and Pākehā. Central to my qualitative study was writing as a method of inquiry. Using this method I wrote a series of descriptive ‘snapshot stories’ derived from field experiences, over an 11 year period, that involved close and prolonged encounters with physical education teacher education (PETE) students in tertiary classrooms and 4 day marae stays. The storied accounts served as data for self-reflexivity about my role as a teacher educator as I worked to integrate with Māori culture.

[1] Māori: indigenous people of Aotearoa New Zealand

[2] Pākehā: European New Zealander

[3] marae: Māori tribal meeting-ground where traditions are upheld


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