Submissions from 2010

Farmers's relationship with hospitality businesses: a preliminary study, Abel Duarte Alonso

Internationalisation of small and medium New Zealand wineries: An exploratory study, Abel Duarte Alonso

Olives, hospitality and tourism: a Western Australian perspective, Abel Duarte Alonso

Tourism and hospitality small and medium enterprises and environmental sustainability, Abel Duarte Alonso and Alfred W. Ogle

Small hospitality enterprises and local produce: a case study, Abel Duarte Alonso and Martin O'Neil


Small winery operators and business vision: A Western Australian case., Abel Alonso and Jeremy Northcote

How Important is Nutrition within the 'Ideal' eating out experience? A Descriptive Comparison Among Southern United States Consumers, Abel Alonso, Martin O'Neill, and Claire Zizza


The Influence of Shopping Motivation, Optimum Stimulation Level, Perception of Store Atmosphere, and Satisfaction on Repatronage Intention, Tjong Budisantoso and Katherine Mizerski

Customer satisfaction in Local Government: evidence from the restructuring of the City of Perth, Helen Cripps

The Implementation of Electronic Health Records: Initial Findings from Ngaanyatjarra Lands, Helen Cripps and Craig Standing

Emerging volcano and geothermal related tourism in Iceland, Ross Dowling

Geotourism: A Global Activity, Ross Dowling and David Newsome

The future of geotourism: Where to from here?, Ross Dowling and David Newsome

Generation Y as Wine Tourists: Their Expectations and Experiences at the Winery Cellar Door, Joanna Fountain and Stephen Charters


Health professionals addressing alcohol use with pregnant women in Western Australia: Barriers and strategies for communication, Kathryn France, Nadine Henley, Jan Payne, Heather D'Antoine, Anne Bartu, Colleen O'Leary, Elizabeth Elliott, and Carol Bower

Social marketing to prevent childhood obesity, Nadine Henley and Sandrine Raffin

A View from the Top: Manager's perspectives on family leisure in New Zealand, David Lamb

Destination image building: The influence on preference and loyalty of Chinese tourists to Australia , Iris Mao

Geotourism: Opportunity and Tourism Significance, David Newsome and Ross Dowling

Setting an Agenda for Geotourism, David Newsome and Ross Dowling


Women's Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding Alcohol Consumption in Pregnancy: A National Survey, Elizabeth Peadon, Jan Payne, Nadine Henley, Heather D'Antoine, Anne Bartu, Colleen O'Leary, Carol Bower, and Elizabeth Elliott


Overseas Students in Australia: An Experiential View, Maria Ryan and Madeleine Ogilvie

Uncovering Hidden Meanings, Values and Insights Through Photos, Maria Ryan and Madeleine Ogilvie


In the Line of Fire: The Challenges of Managing Tourism Operations in the Victorian Alps , Dale Sanders and Jennifer Laing


I Was Banging My Head Against a Brick Wall: Exclusionary Power and the Gendering of Sport Organizations, Ruth Sibson

Why Event, Sport and Recreation Management? A Western Australian study of undergraduate student degree choice, Ruth Sibson


Is Physical Activity Leisure or Work? Exploring the leisure-tourism-physical activity relationship with holidaymakers on Rottnest Island, Western Australia, Ruth Sibson, Pascal Scherrer, Maria Ryan, Nadine Henley, and Lynnaire Sheridan

Submissions from 2009

Marron growing: a Western Australian rural niche market?, Abel Alonso

Wine, Tourism and Experience in the Canary Islands' Context, Abel Alonso

Impact of daylight savings on small hospitality and tourism business: A Western Australina case study., Abel D. Alonso and Alfred Ogle

Changing visitor perceptions of a capital city - the case of Wellington, New Zealand, Abel Alonso and Yi Liu

Wine tourism development in emerging Western Australian regions, Abel Alonso and Yi Liu

Evolutionary relationships of sprint speed in Australian varanid lizards, Chris Clemente, Graham Thompson, and Philip Withers

Metabolic rate and endurance capacity in Australian varanid lizards (Squamata; Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson

Barriers to Electronic Clustering, Helen Cripps

Collaborative Business Relationships and the Use of ICT, Helen Cripps

The lost 'E' in Clustering: an Australian Case Study, Helen Cripps and Jari Salo


Enablers and impediments to IT adoption in business relationships: Evidence from Australia and Finland, Helen Cripps, Jari Salo, and Craig Standing

Coastal Tourism Development: Issues and Challenges, Ross Dowling and Christof Pforr

Small and Medium Coastal Tourism Enterprises: A Case Study of Galle District, Sri Lanka, Acusha Felix, Ross Dowling, and G Raguragavan

Reality television (Supernanny): a social marketing "place" strategy, Raguragavan Ganeshasundaram and Nadine Henley

Promoting physical activity:what health benefits do people know?, Nadine Henley, Raguragavan Ganeshasundaram, Carina Marshall, and Kazunori (Ken) Nosaka

EPODE (Ensemble, Prevenons l'Obesite Des Enfants) Case Study: Preventing Childhood Obesity, Nadine Henley and Sandrine Raffin

Marketing Public Relations: Launching FUndies, Gwyneth V.J. Howell and Katherine Mizerski

Australian Gun Owners: An Endangered Species?, Martin Maccarthy

Consuming Guns; Social Interaction and Motives of Australian Sporting Shooters, Martin Maccarthy


Potential Geotourists: An Australian Case Study, Yue Mao, Angus M. Robinson, and Ross Dowling

Underlying factors affecting Chinese tourists' preference to Australia, Yue Mao and Hanqin Qiu Zhang

The meaning behind the mask: why women wear makeup, Madeleine Ogilvie

Combining semiotic perspectives in consumer research, Madeleine Ogilvie and Katherine Mizerski

Hotel lobby ambient lighting: A case study of Perth hotels, Alfred Ogle, Yue Mao, and Jianyao Li

Coastal Tourism Development: Planning and Managing Growth, Christof Pforr and Ross Dowling

The Effect of Product Familiarity in Perceptions and Preferences of Private Label and National Brands, Thang Pham, Katherine Mizerski, Saalem Sadeque, and Richard Mizerski

Mixed Methodology Approach to Place Attachment and Consumption Behaviour: a Rural Town Perspective, Maria Ryan

Place: What Makes it Special?, Maria Ryan

Exploring the use of textbooks with first year students: are they springboards for learning, Maria Ryan and Gary Marchioro

Monastic traditions: Developing a New Norcia Brand, Maria Ryan and Katherine Mizerski

Comparative temperature in funnel and pit traps, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

A cased for in-situ management of Western Ringtail Possums, Pseudocheirus occidentalis, in development areas, Scott Thompson and Graham Thompson

Range extensions for the Barking Gecko, Nephrurus milii (Squamata: Gekkonidae), Scott Thompson, Graham Thompson, and Graeme Finlayson

Submissions from 2008

How Australian hospitality operations view water consumption and water conservation: An exploratory study, Abel Alonso

How Attractive is Wellington? A Study of Visitors to New Zealand's Capital City, Abel Alonso and Mark Bruce-Miller

The Potential of Wine Tourism: an Exploratory Study in New Zealand, Abel Alonso, D.A Cohen, and R.A Fraser

Exploring Wine Tourism in New Zealand: the Visitors' Points of Views, Abel Alonso, Rick.A Fraser, and D.A Cohen

Small Winegrowers' Views on their Relationship with Local Communities, Abel Alonso and Jeremy Northcote

Exploring design among small hospitality and tourism operations, Abel Alonso and Alfred Ogle

Importance of design for small Western Australian wineries, Abel Alonso and Alfred Ogle

Lessons from the Past: The Historical roots of militant Islamic ideology and its influence on contemporary jihadist movements, Anne Aly

The Influence Of Cognitive Response On Shopping Satisfaction In Australia And Indonesia, Tjong Budisantoso and Katherine Mizerski

Listening to the Wine Consumer: The Art of Drinking, Stephen Charters


An Exploration of Managerial Expertise in the Western Australian Wine Industry, Stephen Charters, Marilyn Clark-Murphy, Nicole Davis, Alan Brown, and Elizabeth Walker

A Typology of Small Producers in the Champagne Industry, Stephen Charters and D Menival

Why do people drink wine? A consumer-focused exploration, Stephen Charters and Simone Pettigrew

Marketing innovation: Which Way to Competitiveness?, David Clark-Murphy

Higher than predicted endurance for juvenile goannas (Varanidae; Varanus), Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, and Graham Thompson

Why go bipedal? Locomotion and morphology in Australian agamid lizards, Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, Graham Thompson, and David Lloyd

Collaborative Business Relationships in a Diverse Industry Cluster, Helen Cripps

Making a Connection: Tasting Rooms and Brand Loyalty, J Fountain, N Fish, and Stephen Charters

Wine Tourism Experiences in New Zealand: An Exploration of Male and Female Winery Visitors, Rick.A Fraser, Abel Alonso, and David.A Cohen

Cultural Factors Affecting Smoking intentions in Sri Lankan Immigrant Adolescents: An Exploratory Study , Raguragavan Ganeshasundaram and Nadine Henley

Willingness To Buy Non-Deceptive Counterfeit Products: A Case Study Of Indonesian Consumers, Anas Hidayat, Katherine Mizerski, and Madeleine Ogilvie

Web-Based Commerce Applications: Adoption and Evaluation , Chad Lin, Helen Cripps, and Yu-An Huang

The Relationship Of Destination Preference, Satisfaction And Loyalty: An Empirical Study Of Chinese Tourists To Australia, Yue Mao and Hanqin Qui

Textbooks: Fast Food or Dine-In? Preliminary Views, Gary Marchioro and Maria Ryan

The Constructs Mediating Religions' Influence On Buyers And Consumers, Nazlida Muhamad, Dick Mizerski, and Katherine Mizerski

Luxury Purchases By Working Class, Middle Aged Males In Regional Western Australia, Bradley Orr, Katherine Mizerski, Nathalie Collins, and Jamie Murphy

Tasting as a projective technique, Simone Pettigrew and Stephen Charters

Comparing Aggregate And Individual Measures Of Habit - A Study Of Grocery Buying Behaviour, Thang Pham, Richard Mizerski, James Wiley, and Katherine Mizerski

A Model for Experiential Learning and Community Engagement in Marketing Research , Maria Ryan and Gary Marchioro

Community Engagement as a Teaching and Learning Tool, Maria Ryan and Gary Marchioro

Teaching Marketing Research: Using a Bridging Vehicle to Increase Deep Learning , Maria Ryan, Madeleine Ogilvie, and Angelia Bevilaqua

Developing Industry-Ready Graduates: Encouraging Student Learning That Matches Industry Expectations Of Graduate Skills, Knowledge And Experience, Lynnaire Sheridan

Is body shape of varanid lizards linked with retreat choice?, Graham Thompson, Christofer Clemente, Philip Withers, Bryan Fry, and Janette Norman

Abundance and spatial distribution of five small mammals at a local scale, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

Greater bilby (Macrotis lagotis) burrows, diggings and scats in the Pilbara, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

Spatial variability in terrestrial fauna surveys; a case study from the goldfields of Western Australia, Graham Thompson and Scott Thompson

Range Extension for the Black-Headed Worm-Lizard, Aprasia Picturata (Squamata: Pygopodidae), Scott Thompson and Graham Thompson

Vertebrate by-catch in invertebrate wet pitfall traps, Scott Thompson and Graham Thompson

Range Extension of the Western Heath Dragon, Rankinia Adelaidensis Adelaidensis (Squamata: Agamidae), Scott Thompson, Graham Thompson, and Jessica Oates

Rehabilitation index for evaluating restoration of terrestrial ecosystems using the reptile assemblage as the bio-indicator, Scott Thompson, Graham Thompson, and Philip Withers