Submissions from 2009

The Tapestry tourism futures project: Lessons learned for governance in community tourism planning, Jeremy Northcote, Diane Lee, Aggie Wegner, and Stephanie Chok


Artists, Creativity and Knowledge: A Challenge for Doctoral Change, Maggi Phillips

Seeking Excellence in Danced Postgraduate Degrees, Maggi Phillips


Dancing Doctorates Down-Under? Defining and Assessing 'Doctorateness' When Embodiment Enters the Thesis , Maggi Phillips, Cheryl Stock, and Kim Vincs

Large, sleek, slim, stylish flat screens: Privatized space and the televisual experience, Debbie Rodan

Democracy to Come: Active Forums as Indicator Suites for e-Participation and e-Governance, Debbie Rodan and Mark Balnaves

‘Plants That Perform For You'? From Floral Aesthetics to Floraesthesis in the Southwest of Western Australia, John Ryan

Why Do Extinctions Matter? Mourning the Loss of Indigenous Flora in the Southwest of Western Australia, John Ryan

Changing the Guard, Brian Shoesmith

Enhancing Wellness: HeartNET an Online Interactive Community Supporting People with Cardiovascular Disease, Lynsey Kay Uridge, Lelia Rosalind Green, and Debbie Rodan

From a shrew from the Orkneys to White Indigene: Re-Inventions of Eliza Fraser, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Heaven in a grain of sand - Patrick White's Contemporary Vision, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Rewriting Europe, Cynthia Vanden Driesen

Submissions from 2008

Proscenium and Heroin(e), Dawn Albinger

Dancing Around the Handbags, Panizza Allmark

Framing Plaza De Mayo: Photographs of Protest, Panizza Allmark

Photography After the Incidents: We'Re Not Afraid, Panizza Allmark

Visual Love Categories - solo exhibition at AWGSA National Conference , Panizza Allmark


Less than Equal: Secularism, Religious Pluralism and Privilege, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green


Moderate Islam': Defining the Good Citizen, Anne Aly and Lelia Rosalind Green

"Heroin Baby": Barnardo's, Benevolence and Shame, Susan Ash

Fidels Cigar, Christopher Baker

Landlines (evolution), Kevin Ballantine, Norman Leslie, Maxwell Pam, Duncan Barnes, and Brad Rimmer

Constructing an Audience Ratings Convention, Mark Balnaves and Tom Balnaves

Media Theories and Approaches: A Global Perspective, Mark Balnaves, Stephanie Hemelryk Donald, and Brian Shoesmith

Constructing an Audience Ratings Convention, Mark Balnaves and Tom O'Regan

The Godfather The Life of Brian Burke, Quentin Beresford

0=2: the Mirror & the Knife Solo Exhibition, Alex Bradley

Negotiating Colonialism: The Life and Times of Arthur Wellington Clah, Margaret Brock


Review of illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples, Michelle Catto and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Health: Illicit Drug Use, Michelle Catto and Neil Thomson

Convergence, Connectivity, and the Case of Japanese Mobile Gaming, Kheen Sum(Dean) Chan

Dead-in-Iraq and the Spatial Politics of Digital Game Art Activism, Kheen Sum(Dean) Chan

Negotiating Online Computer Games in East Asia: Manufacturing Asian MMORPGs and Marketing 'Asianness', Kheen Sum(Dean) Chan

Performances at Jazz Mo by Hip Mo Toast, Elizabeth Clements

The Hip Mo toast Big Band Australia Day Concert, Elizabeth Clements

Narrative, Narcissism And Negotiation, Christopher Crouch

Reporting HIV and HIV communication theories: What journalists and journalism educators in Asia and the Pacific need to know., Trevor Cullen

Live Forever, Amanda Curtin

The Sinkings, Amanda Curtin

Domestic Space: Virtually Underestimated?, Julie Dare

Asfix , Emma-Kate Dowdell


Marrying One's Ward and Bleak House, Jill Durey

John Meyer's Blues Express, Richard Eastman

Indigenous Children and Conductive Hearing Loss, Ann Galloway

Serious Games for Defence Training: Using the Location and Scenario Training System to Enhance the Spatial Awareness of Trainee Submariners., Michael Garrett, Mark McMahon, and Andrew Widdis

Health Recovery: The Taoist Tai Chi Way, Rodney Giblett

Sublime Communication Technologies, Rodney Giblett

The Body of Nature and Culture, Rodney Giblett

Brooklyn Bags, Catherine Gomersall

Femme Fatalist: Woman With Fox, Catherine Gomersall

Good Pictures, Catherine Gomersall

Assorted, Michael Gray

Hijacked - Publication and Exhibition, Michael Gray

Macho Confessions: What is an Australian? - Customs Ignored: Lithuanian and Australian Photography, Michael Gray

.au Australia, Lelia Green and Alex Bruns


Being Vegangelical and the Radical Sustenance of Culture, Lelia Rosalind Green


Designing a National Innovation System to Allow the Creative Industries to Add Value, Lelia Rosalind Green


Is it Meaningless to Talk About 'the Internet'?, Lelia Rosalind Green


The 'Hollywood' Treatment of Paedophilia: Comparing Some Cinematic and Australian Press Constructions of Paedophilia Between 2003 and 2006, Lelia Rosalind Green and Sarah Goode


What the British Papers Said on the First Anniversary of the London Bombing, Lelia Rosalind Green and Nahid Afrose Kabir

G5G - Co-lead, Jeremy Greig

The Sarah McKenzie Septet , Jeremy Greig

WAAPA All Star Big Band Musical - Jazz Windows, Jeremy Greig

Nomads under the Westway, Christopher Griffin

Blood Brothers (Musical Staging), Jennifer Hobbs

Irene in Concert, Jennifer Hobbs

Oklahoma, Jennifer Hobbs

Leadership Dilemmas in Australian Higher Education: A Western Australian Case Study, David A. Holloway and Donell Holloway


Room to View: Family Television Use in the Australian Context, Donell Joy Holloway and Lelia Rosalind Green

Calcutta Underground - 10-minute dance music piece, Catherine Hope

Club Zho 81 at Liquid Architecture 9 - Live Semi Improvised Performance, Catherine Hope

Configuring Music a conversation with Anthony Pateras, Catherine Hope

Freedom and structure take on instruments and hardware: a conversation with Lindsay Vickery, Catherine Hope

I am the music I don't notate, Catherine Hope

Kitty Luck , Catherine Hope

Lost - a Low Frequency Soundscape for Kate McMillan's Lost Exhibition, Catherine Hope

Mountains never meet - Original Music Score, Catherine Hope

Music that Speaks for Itself, Catherine Hope

Resonator, Catherine Hope

The Plateau of the Screaming Popes, Catherine Hope

The Possiblity of Infrasonic Music, Catherine Hope

Acquiring Japanese as a Second Language (JSL) in a Naturalistic Context: A Longitudinal Study of a Young Child from a Processability Theory (PT) Perspective, Junko Iwasaki

Managers and Agents: Conservative Party Organisation in the 1850s, Edwin Jaggard

Occupational Health and Safety, Janis Jansz

A Strategy For Creating Design Methods Based On Social Behaviours For Pleasurable User Experience In HCI, Joo Jung and Terence Love


What the British Papers said on the Second Anniversary of the London Bombings, Nahid Afrose Kabir and Lelia Rosalind Green


Using Design-Based Research For The Evolutionary Development Of An Online Metacognitive Tool, Joseph Luca and Mark Mcmahon

Body Traps , Jonathan Marshall

Pathos, Pathology and the Still-Mobile Image: A Warburgian Reading of Held by Garry Stewart and Lois Greenfield, Jonathan Marshall

Mad about the boy, Debra Mayrhofer


Cohesive features In Rembarrnga narratives, Graham McKay


Creating A Web-Based Knowledge-Building Team: Design Of Tasks, Scaffolds And Social Affordances, Catherine McLoughlin and Joseph Luca


A Model of Immersion to Guide the Design of Serious Games, Mark McMahon and Cesar Ojeda

Arnardana, Stuart Medley

The Blurred Vision of the Modernists (Poster), Stuart Medley

Figures: The Social In The Visual - A Context Centred Graphical News Magazine, Stuart Medley and Nicola Kaye

Other Gravities, Julia Moody

Stingo's choice: Reflections on judgement, selection and rejection, Ffion Murphy

Recuperating Writers - and Writing: The Potential of Writing therapy, Ffion Murphy and Philip Neilsen