Submissions from 2015


Study Protocol: Missing Voices – Communication Difficulties after Stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury in Aboriginal Australians, Elizabeth Armstrong, Deborah Hersh, Judith M. Katzenellenbogen, Juli Coffin, Sandra C. Thompson, Natalie Ciccone, Colleen Hayward, Leon Flicker, Deborah Woods, and Meaghan McAllister

Submissions from 2012


Ethical research in Indigenous Australian contexts and its practical implementation, Graeme Gower


Becoming a culturally competent teacher: beginning the journey, Graeme Gower and Matthew Byrne


Adjusting for under-identification of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander births in time series produced from birth records: Using record linkage of survey data and administrative data sources, D Lawrence, D Christensen, F Mitrou, Glenn Draper, G Davis, S McKeown, Daniel Mcaullay, G Pearson, and S R Zubrick


Aboriginal Research and Study Protocols, Daniel McAullay and Colleen Hayward


The Future: Directions and best practice, Gary Partington

Submissions from 2011


Total Population Investigation of Dental Hospitalizations in Indigenous Children Under Five Years in Western Australia Using Linked Data, L M Slack-Smith, A W Read, L J Colvin, H Leonard, N Kilpatrick, Daniel McAullay, and L B Messer


Review of Indigenous Male Health, Neil Thomson, Richard Midford, Olivier Debuyst, and Andrea MacRae

Review of Indigenous Oral Health, Scott Williams, Lisa Jamieson, Andrea Macrae, and A Gray

Submissions from 2010


Summary of Indigenous women's health, Jane Burns, Caitlin M. Maling, and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Women's Health Status, Jane Burns, Caitlin Maling, and Neil Thomson


Review of volatile substance use among Indigenous people, Richard Midford, Sarah MacLean, Michelle Catto, and Olivier Debuyst

Summary of Indigenous Health: Cardiovascular Health Status, Katherine Ride and Neil Thomson


Overview of Australian Indigenous health status 2010, Neil Thomson, Andrea MacRae, Jane Burns, Michelle Catto, Olivier Debuyst, Ineke Krom, Richard Midford, Christine Potter, Kathy Ride, Sasha Stumpers, and Belinda Urquhart

Submissions from 2009

Review of the misuse of kava among Indigenous Australians, Belinda Urquhart and Neil Thomson

Opto-VLSI-based Tuneable Photonic RF Filter, Feng Xiao, Budi Juswardy, and Kamal E. Alameh

Submissions from 2008


Review of illicit drug use among Indigenous peoples, Michelle Catto and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Health: Illicit Drug Use, Michelle Catto and Neil Thomson

Secrets to Success: A Qualitative Study of Perceptions of Childhood Immunisations in a Highly Immunised Population, Marie Tarrant and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Health: Tuberculosis, Neil Thomson and Jane Burns

Summary of Indigenous Health: Hepatitis, Neil Thomson and Amy Hardy

Summary of Indigenous Health: Kava Use, Belinda Urquhart and Neil Thomson

Submissions from 2007


Issues and Policies in School Education, Gary Partington and Ann Galloway

Summary of Indigenous health: injury, Neil Thomson and Ineke Krom

Summary of Indigenous health: end-stage renal disease, Neil Thomson and Sasha Stumpers

Submissions from 2006

Overweight and Obesity: a major problem for Indigenous Australians, Jane Burns and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous health: Births and Deaths, Jane Burns and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous health: Overweight and Obesity, Jane Burns and Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous health: ear disease and hearing loss, Samantha Burrow and Neil Thomson


Researching Ethically in School, Ann Galloway, Gary Partington, and Graeme Gower

Summary of Indigenous health: Preliminary analysis of physical activity, Neil Thomson and Eliena Kirov

Submissions from 2005

Summary of Indigenous health: Cardiovascular disease, Eliena Kirov and Neil Thomson

Effective Practices in Teaching Indigenous Students With Conductive Hearing Loss, Gary Partington and Ann Galloway

Cultural respect and related concepts: A brief summary of the literature, Neil Thomson

The Australian Indigenous Healthinfonet: Knowledge transfer to assist decision making in Indigenous health, Neil Thomson

Summary of Indigenous Health: Selected communicable diseases, Neil Thomson and Jane Burns

Submissions from 2004


School leaver celebrations in Western Australia: A three-year intervention study, Richard Midford, Nicole Young, Fiona Farrington, and Troy Bogaards

Submissions from 2003


Receptivity of Teachers to Implementing New Strategies for Literacy Teaching, Gary Partington


Research at Arms Length: The Risks of Doing Research in Remote Locations, Gary Partington


Why Indigenous Issues Are an Essential Component of Teacher Education Programs, Gary Partington

Submissions from 2002


Conceptual Frameworks for Indigenous Education: Review and Analysis, Gary Partington

Submissions from 2001


Perceptions of Their Teachers by Aboriginal Students, John Godfrey, Gary Partington, Kaye Richer, and Mort Harslett


A Model for On-line Unit Development: Necessity, the Catalyst for Invention, Maria Northcote and Tony Fetherston


Qualitative Research Interviews: Identifying Problems in Technique, Gary Partington


Student Suspensions: The Influence on Students and Their Parents, Gary Partington


The Principal is Hopeless. She Needs a Good Boot in the Rear End. Cultural Diversity and Conflicting School Agendas, Gary Partington, John Godfrey, and Kaye Richer


To test or Not To Test? The Selection and Analysis of an Instrument To Assess Literacy Skills of Indigenous Children: a Pilot Study, Gary Partington, John Godfrey, and A Sinclair


The Yes Minister Factor: Policy and Practice in Indigenous Research, Gary Partington, John Godfrey, and Ken Wyatt