Submissions from 2014


Course evaluation matters: Improving students' learning experiences with a peer-assisted teaching programme, A Carbone, B Ross, L Phelan, K Lindsay, S Drew, S Stoney, and C Cottman


Education for sustainability through a photography competition, Rowena Scott

Submissions from 2013


Engaging students in peer review: Feedback as learning, Catherine Moore and Susan Teather


Creative arts: An essential element in the teacher's toolkit when developing critical thinking in children, Caroline Nilson, Catherine M. Fetherston, Ann McMurray, and Tony Fetherston

Submissions from 2007


Generating a Gender Balance: Making Introductory Information Systems Courses a Positive Experience, Rosemary Stockdale and Susan Stoney

Submissions from 2006

Teaching Portfolios and University Culture, Monica Leggett and Alison Bunker

Exploring a technology-facilitated solution to cater for advanced students in large undergraduate classes, Ron Oliver

Submissions from 2005

Building the momentum for m-learning via the ECU Advantage Project, Romana Pospisil and James Millar

Submissions from 2003

Organisational Behaviour: Back to the Future, Peter Hosie, Roger C Smith, and Charles J Gunningham

Submissions from 2002

Practical tips for successful online teaching, Alison Bunker and Iris Vardi

Submissions from 2001

Economics, politics and learning; negotiating distributed learning in the print based learning environment, Christopher Brook and Paul Bowen

Using bulletin boards for learning: what do staff and students need to know in order to use boards effectively?, Alison Bunker and R Ellis

The relationship between the perceived value of supplementary online components, and student roles and responsibilities, Alison Bunker and Iris Vardi

Why use the online environment with face-to-face students? insights from early adopters, Alison Bunker and Iris Vardi

Evaluating courseware: a need for more context bound evaluations?, Peter Hosie and Renato Schibeci

Betwixt and betwain: what is the legitimate role of central facilities in enhancing the quality of flexiby delivered learning resources?, Peter Hosie and Ann Willis