Submissions from 2010

Comparison between maximal lengthening and shortening contractions for biceps brachii muscle oxygenation and hemodynamics, Makii Mishan Muthalib, Hoseong Lee, Guillaume Millet, Marco Ferrari, and Kazunori Nosaka

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The Influence of Elliptical Chainrings on 10 km Cycling Time Trial Performance, Jeremiah Peiffer and Christopher Abbiss

Effect of cold water immersion on repeated 1-km cycling performance in the heat, Jeremiah Peiffer, Christopher R. Abbiss, Greig Watson, Kazunori Nosaka, and Paul Laursen


Effect of a 5 Min Cold Water Immersion Recovery on Exercise Performance in the Heat, Jeremiah Peiffer, Christopher Abbiss, Greig Watson, Kazunori Nosaka, and Paul Laursen

Effect of cold water immersion on repeated 1 km cycling performance in the heat, Jeremiah J. Peiffer, Christopher R. Abbiss, Greig Watson, Kazunori Nosaka, and Paul Laursen

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Submissions from 2009

Optimal cadence selection during cycling, Christopher Abbiss, Jeremiah Peiffer, and Paul Laursen

Influence of starting strategy on time trial performance in the heat, Christopher Abbiss, Jeremiah Peiffer, Bradley Wall, David Martin, and Paul Laursen

Accuracy of the Velotron cycle ergometer and SRM Power Meter, Christopher Abbiss, Marc Quod, Gregory Levin, David Martin, and Paul Laursen


Modifying physical capacities, Timothy Ackland, Deborah Kerr, and Robert Newton

Effects of Starting Strategy on 5-min Cycling Time-Trial Performance, Brad Aisbett, Peter LeRossignol, Glenn McConell, Christopher Abbiss, and Rod Snow

Influence of All-Out and Fast Start on 5-min Cycling Time Trial Performance, Brad Aisbett, Peter LeRossignol, Glenn McConell, Christopher Abbiss, and Rod Snow

Nocturnal heart rate variability following supramaximal intermittent exercise, Hani Al Haddad, Paul Laursen, Said Ahmaidi, and Martin Buchheit


A Self-Management Concept for Men at the Community Level: the 'Waist' Disposal Challenge, Samar Aoun, Rebecca Osseiran-Moisson, Fiona Collins, Robert U. Newton, and Michael Newton


Effect of Kinetically Altering a Repetition Via the Use of Chain Resistance on Velocity During the Bench Press. , Daniel Baker and Robert Newton


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Speed, John Cronin and Anthony Blazevich


Discriminating Healthy Controls and Two Clinical Sub-Groups of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients Using Trunk Muscle Activation and Lumbo-Sacral Kinematics of Postures and Movements - A Statistical Classification Model, Wim Dankaerts, Peter O'Sullivan, Angus Burnett, Leon Straker, Paul Davey, and Ritu Gupta


A Randomized Controlled Trial of an Exercise Intervention Targeting Cardiovascular and Metabolic Risk Factors for Prostate Cancer Patients from the RADAR Trial., Daniel Galvao, Nigel Spry, Dennis Taaffe, James Denham, David Joseph, David Lamb, Gregory Levin, Gillian Duchesne, and Robert U. Newton


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Isometric contractions reduce plantar flexor moment, Achilles tendon stiffness and neuromuscular activity but remove the subsequent effects of stretch., Anthony David Kay and Anthony Blazevich

Moderate-duration static stretch reduces active and passive plantar flexor moment but not Achilles tendon stiffness or active muscle length, Anthony David Kay and Anthony Blazevich

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Evidence for the validity of the Chidlren's attraction to physical activity questionnaire (CAPA) with young children, Elizabeth Rose, Dawn Larkin, Beth Hands, Barbara Howard, and Helen Parker


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The Effect of Individualised Coaching Interventions on Elite Young Fast Bowlers Technique, Peter Worthington, Craig Ranson, Mark King, Angus Burnett, and Kevin Shine

Submissions from 2008

Describing and understanding pacing strategies during athletic competition, Christopher Abbiss and Paul Laursen

Reliability of power output during dynamic cycling, Christopher Abbiss, Gregory Levin, Michael Mcguigan, and Paul Laursen


Comparison of Lower Body Strength, Power, Acceleration, Speed, Agility, and Sprint Momentum to Describe and Compare Playing Rank among Professional Rugby League Players, Daniel Baker and Robert Newton

Effect of contraction mode of slow-speed resistance training on the maximum rate of force development in the human quadriceps, Anthony Blazevich, S. Horne, D. Cannavan, D. Coleman, and P. Aagaard


Dynamic Restraint Capacity of the Hamstring Muscles Has Important Functional Implications After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction, Adam L. Bryant, Mark W. Creaby, Robert U. Newton, and Julie R. Steele

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Neuromuscular and Endocrine Responses of Elite Players During an Australian Rules Football Season, Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan, and Prue Cormie


Reliability of Measures Obtained During Single and Repeated Countermovement Jumps, Stuart J. Cormack, Robert U. Newton, Michael R. McGuigan, and Tim Doyle

Does an optimal load exist for power training? , Prue Cormie and Sean P Flanagan

Self-talk influences vertical jump performance and kinematics in male rugby union players , Christian Edwards, David Tod, and Michael Mcguigan


A Comparison of the Kinematics, Kinetics and Muscle Activity Between Pneumatic and Free Weight Resistance, David M. Frost, John B. Cronin, and Robert U. Newton


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Training repeated effort ability in national team male volleyball players, Jeremy Sheppard, T Gabbett, and Russell Borgeaud


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ISSN Nutritional Needs of Strength/Power Athletes, James Stoppani, Timothy Scheett, and Michael Mcguigan


Design and Implementation of a Specific Strength Program for Badminton, Sean Sturgess and Robert U. Newton

Relationships between sprinting, agility, and jump ability in female athletes, Jason Vescovi and Michael Mcguigan

Eight weeks of ballistic exercise improves power independently of changes in strength and muscle fiber type expression, Jason Winchester, Jeff McBride, Margaret Maher, Richard Mikat, Brian Allen, and Michael Mcguigan

Submissions from 2007

Is part of the mystery surrounding fatigue complicated by context?, Christopher Abbiss and Paul Laursen

Influence of concentric and eccentric resistance training on architectural adaptation in human quadriceps muscles, Anthony Blazevich, Dale Cannavan, David Coleman, and Sara Horne

Lack of human muscle architectural adaptation after short-term strength training, Anthony Blazevich, Nicholas David Gill, Nathan Deans, and Shi Zhou


Examination of EMG normalisation methods for the study of the posterior and posterolateral neck muscles in healthy controls, Angus Burnett, Jonathan Green, Kevin Netto, and J Rodrigues

A Descriptive Physical Profile of Western Australian Male Paramedics, Dale Chapman, Jeremiah Peiffer, Christopher Abbiss, and Paul Laursen

The use of a mechanism-based classification system to evaluate and direct management of a patient with non-specific chronic low back pain and motor control impairment - A case report, Wim Dankaerts, Peter O'Sullivan, Angus Burnett, and Leon Straker


Salivary Cortisol, Testosterone, and T/C Ratio Responses During a 36-hole Golf Competition, Brendon K Doan, Robert Newton, William Kraemer, Young-Hoo Kwon, and Timothy Scheett


Exercise Can Prevent and Even Reverse Adverse Effects of Androgen Suppression Treatment in Men with Prostate Cancer, Daniel Galvao, Dennis Taaffe, Nigel Spry, and Robert Newton


Neck exercises compared to muscle activation during aerial combat maneuvers, Kevin Netto, Angus Burnett, and JL Coleman


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The effect of contrast water therapy on symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness, Joanne Vaile, Nicholas David Gill, and Anthony Blazevich

Submissions from 2006


Discriminative Analyses of Various Upper Body Tests in Professional Rugby-League Players, Daniel Baker and Robert U. Newton

Effects of physical training and detraining, immobilisation, growth and aging on human fascicle geometry, Anthony Blazevich