Submissions from 2014


Early Career Teachers: Stories of Resilience, Bruce Johnson, Barry Down, Rosie Le Cornu, Judy Peters, Anna Sullivan, Jane Pearce, and Janet Hunter

Enhancing academic vocabulary knowledge through evidence-based instruction, Lee Pond, Deslea Konza, and Mark Hackling


Meeting The Needs Of Secondary Students Who Cannot Read: One Role Among Many For English Teachers., Liana Strutt and Deslea M. Konza

Submissions from 2013


Student perceptions of effective foreign language teachers: a quantitative investigation from a Korean university, Bruce D. Barnes and Graeme Lock


Using self-determination theory to investigate student engagement in the classroom, Leanne J. Fried and Deslea M. Konza


Independent Public Schools: Boards in transition, Jan R. Gray, Glenda H. Campbell-Evans, and Bridget M. Leggett


The rural practicum: preparing a quality teacher workforce for rural and regional Australia, Jodie Kline, Simone White, and Graeme Lock


Reciprocal mentoring: can it help with attrition for beginning teachers?, Lisa F. Paris

Innovative designs for enhancing achievement in schools: the Western Australian experience, Kevin Pilkington and Graeme Lock

Regional resilience: Pre-service teacher preparation to teach in the bush, Sue Trinidad, Tania Broadley, Emmy Terry, Don Boyd, Graeme Lock, Elaine Sharplin, and Sue Ledger

Submissions from 2012


From the big picture to the individual student: the importance of the classroom relationship, Matthew Byrne and Geoff Munns


Principals as literacy leaders: Confident, credible and connected, Neil Dempster, Deslea Konza, Greg Robson, Michael Gaffney, Graeme Lock, and Kevin McKennariey


Secondary Teacher Resignation in Western Australian: An Anthology of Existences, Anthony Fetherston and Geoffrey Lummis


An investigation into the capacity of student motivation and emotion regulation strategies to predict engagement and resilience in the middle school classroom , Leanne Fried and Elaine Chapman


Paraprofessionals implementing a research-based reading intervention, Leanne Fried, Deslea Konza, and Peter Mulcahy

Supporting primary school principals as literacy leaders: The role of literacy achievement advisors, Michael Gaffney, Linda Dawson, and Graeme Lock

Science of materials: A case study of intentional teaching in the early years, Mark Hackling and Caroline Barratt-Pugh


Researching in schools: Ethical issues, Deslea Konza


Maximising the contribution of paraprofessionals in schools: A win-win-win story, Deslea Konza and Leanne Fried


A Rasch measure of teachers' views of teacher-student relationships in the primary school, Natalie Leitao and Russell Waugh


Welcome to the Outback: The Paradoxes of Living and Teaching in Remote Western Australian Schools, Graeme Lock, Fiona Budgen, Ralph Lunay, and Grace Oakley


The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Principal: Tales from Remote Western Australia, Graeme Lock, Fiona Budgen, Grace Oakley, and Ralph Lunay


Is Being “Smart and Well Behaved” a Recipe for Happiness in Western Australian Primary Schools?, John O'Rourke, Martin Cooper, and Christina Gray


Education Direct: An Alternative Entry Pathway to Pre-service Teacher Education, Kevin Pilkington and Graeme Lock


TERRAnova: Renewing Teacher Education for Rural and Regional Australia. Volume 2: Case Study Reports, Jo-Anne Reid, Simone White, Bill Green, Graeme Lock, Maxine Cooper, and Wendy Hastings


School Administrators' Beliefs That School Improvements Were Due to Formal School Registration: A Rasch Measurement , Harm (Pete) Witten, Russell Waugh, and Jan Gray


School administrators' beliefs that actual school improvements were due to formal school registration: Guttman scales and their inter-correlations, Harm Witten, Russell Waugh, and Jan Gray

Submissions from 2011


High Stakes State-Wide Testing of the Learning Environment Outcomes: The Case of Numeracy, Jessica Elderfield and Russell Waugh

Enhancing Classroom Discourse in Primary Science: The Puppets Project, Mark Hackling, Prudence Smith, and Karen Murcia


A Rasch Analysis of the Astronaut Invented Spelling Test: The Early Literacy Learning Environment for Young Children, Roslyn Neilson, Russell Waugh, and Deslea Konza


Pre-service Teachers' Attendance at Lectures and Tutorials: Why Don't They Turn Up?, Grace Oakley, Graeme Lock, Fiona Budgen, and Brenda Hamlett


Inclusion at University: Can We do More than Open the Door? , John O'Rourke


Developing Strategies at the Pre-service Level to Address Critical Teacher Attraction and Retention Issues in Australian Rural, Regional and Remote Schools, Sue Trinidad, Elaine Sharplin, Graeme Lock, Sue Ledger, Don Boyd, and Emmy Terry


Investing in Sustainable and Resilient Rural Social Space: Lessons for Teacher Education, Simone White, Graeme Lock, Wendy Hastings, Maxine Cooper, Jo-Anne Reid, and Bill Green

Submissions from 2010


Complexities of Assessing Social and Emotional Competence and Wellbeing in Young Children, Lennie Barblett and Carmel Maloney

A Rasch measure of university students' receptivity to peers with disabilities across two cultures, Minoti Biswas and Russell F. Waugh

Reflective practice, professional learning, and educational partnerships: Effecting change in classroom settings, Christopher Brook and Graeme Lock

Investigating Praxisi Inquiry within Teacher Education Using Giddens's Structuration Theory, Peter Burridge, Cathryn Carpenter, Brenda Cherednichenko, and Tony Kruger


Funding and Secondary School Choice in Australia: A Historical Consideration, Rosemary Cahill and Jan Gray

Can the academy help itself? Authenticity in equity group recruitment., Brenda Cherednichenko and Nathalie Collins

Catalysts for social inclusion: The practices and effectiveness of the Catalyst-Clemente program for social inclusion pathways to higher education., Brenda Cherednichenko, Peter Howard, Anne Hampshire, Jude Butcher, Sherry Saggers, Paul Flatau, Tim Marchant, Jonathon Compton, and Youssef Taouk

Item banking and computerized adaptive testing with Rasch measurement: an example for primary mathematics in Thailand , Chaowprapha Chuesathuchon and Russell F. Waugh

Homework: Its Forms and Functions Revisited, Eva Dobozy

Structured dialogue design in LAMS through interactive lecture podcasting, Eva Dobozy


From LMS to VLE or from supermarket to airports: Classifying e-learning platforms using metaphors, Eva Dobozy and Patricia Reynolds

Rasch measures for Inter-Personal and Intra-Personal Student Self-Views Based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Rasch measures for sports, drama and music student self-views based on Gardner intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh


Rasch measures for student self-views in mathematics, English and arts based on Gardner Intelligences, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh

Teacher Guttman Scales and Teacher Views at an Australian Islamic College, Ahdielah Edries and Russell F. Waugh


Caught in the middle: Improving writing in the middle and upper primary years, Valerie Faulkner, Judith Rivalland, and Janet Hunter

Talking science: Developing a discourse of inquiry, Mark Hackling, Prudence Smith, and Karen Murcia

Conditions that support early career teacher resilience, Bruce Johnson, Barry Down, Rosie Le Cornu, Judy Peters, Anna Sullivan, Jane Pearce, and Janet Hunter

Responding to the challenge of teaching English language skills., Deslea M. Konza, Leanne J. Fried, and Maureen P. Michael

A Rasch Measure of Student Views Of Teacher-Student Relationships in the Primary School, Natalie C. Leitao and Russell F. Waugh

Interactive Whiteboards: Interactive or just Whiteboards?, Maria Northcote, Paula Mildenhall, Linda Marshall, and Paul Swan

Regenerating rural social space? Teacher education for rural-regional sustainability, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, Maxine Cooper, Wendy Hastings, Graeme Lock, and Simone White

Rasch measures of form constancy of letters and numbers, and letters in words for young children, Janet Richmond, Russell F. Waugh, and Deslea M. Konza

Rasch measures of number discrimination and reversal, and numbers in calculations for young children., Janet Richmond, Russell F. Waugh, and Deslea M. Konza

Revisiting mathematics manipulative materials, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

Submissions from 2009

The paperless tiger: putting the byte into inquiry learning, Marcelle Cacciottolo and Brenda Cherednichenko

Restructuring teaching for learning: Beyond partnerships to a praxis inquiry approach to teacher education, Brenda Cherednichenko and Tony Kruger


Are Teacher Education Students Rready for Online Learning, Eva Dobozy

Collaborative e-Learning/Assignment Task Design in Teacher Education: Aligning 21st Century Philosophy and Pedagogy , Eva Dobozy


Forging New Partnerships: Learning and Teaching Connections Between Academic and Library Staff, Eva Dobozy and Julia Gross

Learning Adventures in Practice: 'Bumpy' Beginnings to PBL Implementation, Eva Dobozy and Maureen Michael


Exploring Flexible and Low-Cost Alternatives to Face-to-Face Academic Support., Eva Dobozy and Romana Pospisil


Perceptions and Pedagogy: Exploring the Beliefs and Practices of an Effective Primary Science Teacher, Angela Fitzgerald, Vaille Dawson, and Mark Hackling


Staying at School: Reflective Narratives of Resistance and Transition, Jan Gray


Wellbeing and Retention: A Senior Secondary Student Perspective, Jan Gray and Mark Hackling


Laboratory Technicians in Australian Secondary Schools, Mark Hackling

The Aboriginal practical experience and its impact on Pre-Service teachers' decisions about living and working in remote Indigenous communities in Australia, Jennifer Jay, Lynette Moss, and Brenda Cherednichenko

The cell cycle, Annette Koenders

From paw print to ink print: Teaching and learning using pattern recognition, Deslea Konza

Teacher talk: The role of teacher language in increasing engagement and managing the behaviour of students with behavioural problems, Deslea Konza

Researching rural-regional (teacher) education in Australia, Graeme Lock, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, Wendy Hastings, Maxine Cooper, and Simone White

Managing school-university partnerships at Edith Cowan University, Graeme Lock and Beverley Yardley

‘Yay it's Maths!' Using hand-held game consoles in a Primary classroom., Susan Main and John O'Rourke

Games: A catalyst for learning or busy work?, Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

Parents as Partners , Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

Partnering with parents to improve mathematics performance , Linda Marshall and Paul Swan

What makes today's kids really sit up and fires their neural fibres? Technology. So how can teachers help "curiosity" to kill the cat?, Maureen Michael


The Inclusive Secondary Teacher: The Leaders' Perspective, Michelle Pearce, Jan Gray, and Glenda Campbell-Evans

Vocabulary: The Foundation of Literacy, Alexis Pond


Visual Discrimination Of Letters In The Alphabet By Young Children: A Rasch Measurement Analysis, Janet Richmond and Russell Waugh

Mathematics Games as a Pedagogical Tool, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

Mathematics games: Time Wasters or Time Well Spent?, Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

Reading 'Riting and 'Rithmetic: How the two "Rs" impact on the third "R", Paul Swan and Linda Marshall

"How can analysis of classroom talk help teachers reflect on their practices?", Anne Thwaite and Judith Rivalland

Supporting Beginning Rural Teachers: Lessons from Successful Schools, Simone White, Graeme Lock, Wendy Hastings, Jo-Anne Reid, Bill Green, and Maxine Cooper

Implementing a professional learning journal in a pre-service teacher education course, Beverley Yardley, Graeme Lock, and Elizabeth Walsh

Submissions from 2008

Perspectives on a Family Literacy Program: Voices of the Participants, Caroline Barratt-Pugh and Mary Rohl

Outdoor Experiential Learning: Building Exemplary Practice, Peter Burridge, Cathryn Carpenter, and Brenda Cherednichenko

Are teachers ready to engage the digital natives in 21st century learning?, Eva Dakich, Brenda Cherednichenko, Colleen Vale, and Vijay Thalathoti

Factors Influencing Teachers’ ICT Literacy: A Snapshot from Australia., Eva Dakich, Colleen Vale, Vijay Thalathoti, and Brenda Cherednichenko


Plan Your Study Around Your Life, Not The Other Way Around: How Are Semi-Engaged Students Coping With Flexible Access?, Eva Dobozy


The Use And Usefulness Of Non-Assessed Online Learning: Tracking Students� Behaviour On LAMS. , Eva Dobozy


Engaging The Millennial First-Year Teacher Education Learner: A Preliminary Case Study, Eva Dobozy and Romana Pospisil

Researching Innovative Partnerships in Education: Working and learning with our partners, Bill Eckersley, Jo Williams, Marcelle Cacciattolo, Tony Kruger, and Brenda Cherednichenko

A 'formidable challenge': Australia's quest for equity in Indigenous education, Jan Gray and Quentin Beresford


Impact of Primary Connections on students’ science processes, literacies of science and attitudes towards science, Mark Hackling and Vaughan Prain