Datasets Uploaded in 2020


ECU-IoHT, Mohiuddin Ahmed, Surender Byreddy, Anush Nutakki, Leslie F. Sikos, and Paul Haskell-Dowland


Household’s willingness (WTP) to pay to the utility, Rakhshinda Bano, Mehdi Khiadani, and Steven Burian


Upstream water flow at Kotri barrage, Sindh Pakistan, Rakhshinda Bano, Mehdi Khiadani, and Steven Burian


SNP population genetic data for the seagrass Halodule uninervis from Pilbara region, Western Australia., Kathryn Margaret McMahon and Richard Evans


Seagrass losses since mid-20th century fuelled CO2 emissions from soil carbon stocks [dataset], Cristian Salinas, Carlos M. Duarte, Paul S. Lavery, Pere Masque, Ariane Arias-Ortiz, Javier Leon, David Callaghan, Gary A. Kendrick, and Oscar Serrano


Impact of seagrass establishment, industrialization and coastal infrastructure on seagrass biogeochemical sinks [dataset], Oscar Serrano, Paul Lavery, James Bongiovanni, and Carlos Duarte

Datasets Uploaded in 2019

Australian university student sleep study, Rachel Batten, Katrina Liddiard, Annette Raynor, Mandy Stanley, and Cary Brown


Capillary pressure characteristics of CO2-brine-sandstone systems [dataset], Sefan Iglauer, Halidi Abdoulghafour, Mohammad Sarmadivaleh, Martin Ferno, and Lars Petter Hauge

ECUHO1 (Edith Cowan University Halophila Ovalis 1), MD Moniruzzaman, Syed Mohammed Shamsul Islam, and Paul Lavery

Datasets Uploaded in 2018


Seagrass soil archives reveal centennial-scale metal smelter contamination while acting as natural filters [dataset], Anna Lafratta, Oscar Serrano, Pere Masque´, Miguel-Angel Mateo, Milena Fernandes, Sam Gaylard, and Paul Lavery


Importance of habitat selection for Blue Carbon projects: Doubtful additionality in a seagrass case study, Anna Lafratta, Oscar Serrano, Pere Masque, Miguel-Angel Mateo, Milena Fernandes, Sam Gaylard, and Paul Lavery

Microorganisms facilitate uptake of dissolved organic nitrogen by seagrass leaves [dataset], Flavia Tarquinio, Jeremy Bourgoure, Annette Koenders, Bonnie Laverock, Christin Säwström, and Glenn A. Hyndes

Datasets Uploaded in 2017


A marine heat wave drives massive losses from the world’s largest seagrass carbon stocks [dataset], Ariane Arias-Ortiz; Oscar Serrano; Pere Masqué; Paul Lavery; Ute A. Mueller; Gary A, Kendrick; Mohammad Rozaimi; Alba Esteban; James W, Fourqurean; Núrià N. Marbà; Miquel-Angel Mateo; Kathy Murray; Michael Rule; and Carlos M. Duarte


WAMSI 2 - Kimberley Node - Project 1.1.3 - Ecological connectivity of Kimberley marine communities (ECU - AIMS) [dataset], James Gilmour, Kathryn McMahon, Jim Underwood, Oliver Berry, Michael Stat, Jean-Paul Hobbs, Michael Travers, Glenn Moore, and Zoe Richards


WAMSI - Kimberley Node - 2.2.4 - Benthic primary productivity: Production and herbivory of seagrasses, macroalgae and microalgae [dataset], Gary Kendrick, Mat Vanderklift, Christin Sawstrom, Bonnie Laverock, Andrea Z. Perez, James McLaughlin, Lucie Chovrelat, and Doug Bearham


WAMSI 2 - Dredging Node - 5.2 - Genetic variability of seagrass in NW Australia [dataset], Kathryn McMahon, Udhi Hernawan, Kor-Jent van Djik, Michelle Waycott, Edward Biffin, Richard Evans, and Paul Lavery


WAMSI 2 - Dredging Node - Project 5.3 - Natural Dynamics [dataset], Mat Vanderklift, Douglas Bearham, Mick Haywood, Paul Lavery, Hector Lozano-Montes, Roisin McCallum, James McLaughlin, Kathryn McMahon, and Nick Mortimer


WAMSI 2 Dredging Science Node: Theme 5 Project 5.4 Recovery mechanisms [dataset], Mathew Vanderklift, Douglas Bearham, Mick Haywood, Paul Lavery, Roisin McCallum, James McLaughlin, Kathryn McMahon, and Nick Mortimer

Datasets Uploaded in 2016


Community Building, Multiculturalism and the Suburban Public Library: Community, Cohesion and Sustainability. Qualitative Data From Interviews on Western Australian Migrants' Information Needs & Quantitative Web Survey Data On Service Provision At Australian Public Libraries, 2011-2012, Rajeswari Chelliah


Variability in the carbon storage of seagrass habitats and its implications for global estimates of Blue Carbon ecosystem service [dataset], Paul Lavery, Miguel-Angel Mateo, Oscar Serrano, and Mohammad Rozaimi


Can mud (silt and clay) concentration be used to predict soil organic carbon content within seagrass ecosystems? [dataset], Oscar Serrano, Paul Lavery, Carlos M. Duarte, Gary A. Kendrick, Antoni Calafat, Paul York, Andy Steven, and Peter Macreadie


Seagrass sediments reveal the long-term deterioration of an estuarine ecosystem [dataset], Oscar Serrano, Paul S. Lavery, Pere Masque, Karina Inostroza, James Bongiovanni, and Carlos Duarte


Key Biogeochemical Factors Affecting Soil Carbon Storage In Posidonia Meadows [dataset], Oscar Serrano, Aurora M. Ricart, Paul S. Lavery, Miguel-Angel Mateo, Ariane Arias-Ortiz, Pere Masque, Andy Steven, and Carlos M. Duarte


Impact of mooring activities on carbon stocks in seagrass meadows [dataset], Oscar Serrano, Radhiyah Ruhon, Paul S. Lavery, Gary A. Kendrick, Sharyn Hickey, Pere Masque, Ariane Arias-Ortiz, Andy Steven, and Carlos M. Duarte

Datasets Uploaded in 2015

Patience Is A Virtue : The Effect Of Students’ Time Preferences On Academic Results, Margaret Giles and Y H. Cheung


Movement patterns and habitat usage of Shark Bay dugongs, David K. Holley

Historical Datasets of Dugong (Dugong Dugon) Observations in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, David K. Holley and R. I.T. Prince


Cruel and Usual, Cat Hope

Datasets Uploaded in 2014

Spectral reflectance data of plant green, Kamal Alameh


Supporting information for Predictors of grandparental investment decisions in contemporary Europe: Biological relatedness and beyond, David A. Coall, Sonja Hilbrand, and Ralph Hertwig

Resilience Across the Lifespan data collection, Lynne Cohen and Julie Ann Pooley

Treatment of lymphoedema in breast cancer survivors dataset, Prue Cormie

The Parents and Smoke-Free Kids dataset, Donna Cross

Moral reasoning and traumatic brain injury dataset, Julian Dooley and Vicki Anderson

Data for a randomized controlled trial of men receiving androgen suppression therapy for prostate cancer, Daniel Galvao

AU Kids Online dataset, Lelia Green, Danielle Brady, and Donell Holloway

Health and Wellbeing Surveillance System (HWSS), Anthony Gunnell

Child support and perceptions of fairness dataset, Pam Henry

Australian maternal exposure to toxic substances (AMETS) dataset, Andrea Hinwood

Western Australian New Music Archive (WANMA), Cat Hope

Wetlands macroinvertebrate monitoring program of the Gnangara Mound, Pierre Horwitz

Systematics of Andersonia character set, Kristina Lemson

Inquiry-based learning set, Ron Oliver

Skill acquisition in skin cancer detection dataset, Craig Speelman

Engaging Parents in Research dataset, Laura Thomas

Heterogeneity in Parkinson’s disease dataset, Meghan Thomas

Circulating melanoma cells relative to disease stage, Melanie Ziman