Theses from 2023

Influence of organic matter on CO2 and H2 wettability of petroleum reservoirs, Mujahid Ali

Why do grandparents care?, Rebecca Bullingham

The experiences of children with visual impairment participating in physical activities: An occupational perspective, Talitha C. Clements

Domain shift robustness in deep learning models, Hassan Mahmood

Mining for sleep data: An investigation into the sleep of fly-In fly-out shift workers in the mining industry and potential solutions, Gemma Maisey

The role of sleep duration and quality in vitamin D metabolism and their association with glucose homeostasis in pregnancy, Maryam Mosavat

Human identification using ear biometrics: A complete pipeline from detection to recognition, Md Mursalin

An uncomfortable interface. Medicines legislation and its impact on the delivery of healthcare by registered nurses in very remote Australia: A mixed-methods study, Katie R. Pennington

Theses from 2022

Assessment of circulating tumour cells in lung cancer patients, Emmanuel Acheampong

Help-seeking for mental health problems among older adults with chronic diseases: An evaluation and intervention, Claire E. Adams

Pore scale study on permeability stimulation and hydrogen geostorage in coal seams, Hamed Akhondzadeh

A forensic framework for detecting denial-of-service attacks in IoT networks using the MQTT protocol, Ala'a A. M. Alatram


Deep learning augmentation for medical image analysis, Fouzia Altaf

Business success in the Vietnamese logisitcs industry: The role of competencies and relationship quality among owners of small and medium enterprises, Minh Huyen Anderson

The aftermath of domestic violence: Listening to women’s voices of their experiences, Caroline Arisunta

Development and evaluation of methodologies for analysis of CTC and ctDNA in patients with ovarian carcinoma, Du-Bois Asante

Electrokinetic investigation of coal fines in fractured and porous media, Faisal Ur Rahman Awan

Experimental methods to analyse crankcase aerodynamic losses and flow fields, Thomas J. Ayres

A mixed-method study to evaluate the effectiveness of a policy-driven tool to improve the recognition of and response to clinical deterioration in acute care, Tania L. Beament

Measuring executive functions and problem solving in an engaging new way in students, Valeska Berg

End-of-life care in residential aged care: The perceptions of bereaved family members, Sushma Bhandari Kunwar

Understanding the decision-making process of coaches and high-performance staff on player training and game availability in the National Rugby League (NRL) men, David W. Boyle

Physical, physiological and performance characteristics associated with close quarter battle expertise in special forces soldiers, Hannah Brown

EFL undergraduate students' perspectives and experiences of the flipped classroom at a Vietnamese university, Thi Hien Bui

Regulatory capital, liquidity creation, bank characteristics and profitability: Evidence from developed and developing countries, Pakeezah Butt

Girls and secondary education opportunities in rural Tanzania: Men's influences on equity in education in the Magu district, Sylivester J. Buyobe

Teachers’ perspectives on digital access and factors impacting student ICT capability: Equity in national online assessments (NAPLAN) in Australia, Cindy Carboni


The assessment of movement demands and neuromuscular fatigue in female softball players, Kathryn Cardwell

Impact of macroeconomic and monetary policy uncertainty shocks on economic growth- an empirical study of Pakistan, Hina Chaudhry

Bloodmeal analysis of urban Western Australian mosquito species for improved public health outcomes, Cameron Chisholm

Narratives of “living well”: Exploring the experiences of family members living with a family member with depression, Amanda Lesley Cole

Exercise as an adjunct therapy in melanoma patients undergoing checkpoint inhibitor therapy, Brendan Crosby

CO2-rock interaction during CO2-enriched brine injection into storage reservoirs using NMR integrated with fiber optic sensors, Bruno da Silva Falcao

Exploring the influences of gender diversity in global healthcare organisations, Kylie de Klerk

Reimagining, restructuring, and revitalising school leadership philosophy in Nepal: A critical auto/ethnographic case study, Shankar DHAKAL

Proprioception and performance in surfing, Rebecca Dowse

“Give me a path to follow”: A Deweyan inquiry into training volunteer EAL tutors of adult refugees, Maria Enriquez Watt

How start-up accelerators work to facilitate successful commercialisation: A critical realist perspective, Farzaneh Eslamloo

A biodefence framework for Western Australian cattle production enterprises, Deborah K. Evans

Deep learning and neural architecture search for cardiac arrhythmias classification, Najmeh Fayyazifar

Fleshing out the fictive soul: A screen actor’s personalisation of characterisation through collaborative subtextual improvisation, Damian T. Foley

The experience of individuals following total laryngectomy in Western Australia: A narrative inquiry, Wanjiku Gatonga

Medulloblastoma: New animal models, preclinical drug testing, and characterising immune infiltrates, Courtney M. George


Social disorganisation theory and violent crime: A spatial-econometric analysis of Chicago and Sydney, Anthony N. Greening

Measuring and mitigating cyber vigilance decrement in network defence personnel, Oliver A. Guidetti

Life storytelling around the digital campfire: Commenters’ networked participation on the humans of New York Facebook page, Li Guo

Police engagement with African communities in Western Australia, Umile Gwakuba

Delving into the diversification and performance relationship: Building a more nuanced understanding through the inclusion of new contextual variables, Kwaku A. Gyan


Computer vision based classification of fruits and vegetables for self-checkout at supermarkets, Khurram Hameed

Preventing bird declines in urban landscapes: Influence of behavioural traits and streetscape plantings, Kaarissa Harring-Harris

Talking back: A new theatrical representation of Noongar women's experience, Bobbi J. Henry

Who we are getting it right for: The practitioners’ experience of program evaluation, Andrea S. Highman

Maloya dance and music: Réunionese Créole togetherness, Marie-Muriel Hillion Toulcanon

The effect of post-resistance exercise water immersion on muscular adaptation and performance in athletes, Barry G. Horgan

An automated deep learning based approach for nuclei segmentation of renal digital histopathology image analysis, Md Shamim Hossain

The social value of contemplating poetry, Anna Hueppauff

Is there a place in social work education for men who use intimate partner violence? An evolving collaborative inquiry, Rebecca L. Jury

Motor capacity and sidestepping execution strategies in female athletes, Daniel Kadlec

Corporate governance, corporate social responsibility and firm performance: The role of country characteristics, Muhammad Kamran

Investigation of flow characteristics in an open channel with one-line semicircular vegetation patches, Hemanta D. Karki

NMR integrated subsurface characterization and wettability alteration detection for enhanced oil recovery, Chamini I. Karunarathne

Mathematics teachers' pedagogy in preparation for OLNA numeracy high-stakes testing: A Western Australian case study, Angela Kelly

Heartwood: Spiritual homebuilding and white-vanishing in Australian gothic fiction, Joshua M. Kemp

The impact of non governmental organisation disaster response on local communities: Perspectives of responders, David R. Kennedy

Risk assessment of Legionella pneumophila in cooling towers in Western Australia, Crystal E. Kennett


An exploration of octatonicism: From Liszt to Takemitsu, Yagan M. Kiely

The effects of exercise on serum level myokines in prostate cancer patients and suppression of prostate cancer cells induced by alteration of systemic milieu, Jin-Soo Kim

Integrating multiple sources of data to construct a time series of recreational catch and effort for the West Coast bioregion of Western Australia, Eva K. M. Lai

Vessels for the devil: Exploring the rhetoric of the monstrous-feminine in graphic culture, Julia M. Lane

Blended learning in teaching English to Vietnamese university students from EFL lecturers' perspectives, Thi Nguyet Le


Significance of the smash-lunge sequence and lunges in relation to badminton singles match performance, Zengyuan Lin


Optimisation of process parameters in abrasive waterjet contour cutting of AISI 304L, Jennifer M. Llanto

Forensic analysis on wireless medical devices, Andy Lu

Organic matter and nitrogen cycling in a heavily modified coastal lagoon, Roisin McCallum

Beneath the money tree and nature is a haunted house: A novel and exegesis, Rachel M. McEleney Freebury

Public perceptions of child sex offenders, Laura A. Milosavljevic

Retrotopia: An exhibition – and – Mashup and expanded painting: A lens on liquid consumerism: An exegesis, Laura C. Mitchell

Experiences of caregivers around the final decision-making process of transferring an older person living with dementia to long-term care: A grounded theory study, Lydiah Joyce C. Muge

Hamstring muscle architecture parameters in static and dynamic conditions using ultrasound imaging, Clarissa Muller Brusco

Effect of different set configurations on the kinematic variables during a power snatch, Tsuyoshi Nagatani

Estimation and modulation of persistent inward currents in human spinal motoneurons, Ricardo Neves de Oliveira Mesquita

Health beliefs, health behaviours and perceived support needs among older Vietnam-born people living with chronic disease in the Australian context: A focused ethnographic study, Thi Ngoc Minh Nguyen


A privacy preserving online learning framework for medical diagnosis applications, Trang Pham Ngoc Nguyen

Investigating cardiometabolic health and child-centred research in young children participating in The Milky Way Study: A randomised controlled dairy intervention, Analise Nicholl

Modelling of unequally sampled rock properties using geostatistical simulation and machine learning methods, William Patton

An analysis of the contributing factors to the growth or decline of the privately-owned financial planning sector, Darren A. Pawski

The influence of social interactions on tourist experience and tourist satisfaction: A study of group package tours in Vietnam, Tran Truc Vien Pham

Microbial diversity and function, and an exploration of bleaching in the Australian kelp Ecklonia Radiata, Charlie Phelps


A study of the emergence, impacts, and responses to trolling in the Australian news media, Delysha Pick

The influence of complex training design on post-activation performance enhancement of explosive performance in team sport athletes, Nicholas Poulos

Corrosion behavior and mechanism of metallic biomaterials produced by laser powder bed fusion, Peng Qin

A condition monitoring system for rock drill bits, Mo'Ath Q. M. Qutaish


Diet, cardiovascular disease, and mental health, Simone Radavelli Bagatini

An experimental study on the effect of viscosity on micro-bubble size distribution and rise velocity in a bubble column, Sumanasiri D. N. Rajapakse

Significance of battery energy storage systems in mitigating the challenges in weak grids, Andre F. Ramos

Investigation of surface textures on thermal and pressure drop performance of plate-fin heat exchangers, Kanishk Rauthan

Diet quality and mental health: How does improved cooking confidence after a food literacy cooking program affect mental health outcomes and associations with dietary and gut biomarkers of the gut-brain axis?, Joanna Rees


Preparing providers for advanced life support in the prehospital environment, David N. Reid

In vitro assessment to evaluate the potential effects of polyphenol extracts from sorghum on Alzheimer’s disease, Nasim Rezaee

Heterogeneous anomaly detection from network traffic streams using data summarization, Liam R. Riddell