Theses from 2023

Investigating the wettability effect on gas hydrate bearing sediments, Ghazanfer R. Abbasi

Genomic HLA and pre-treatment TCR repertoire as non-invasive biomarkers of clinical outcome to immunotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients, Afaf Abed

It's just the way it is: Silence in ABI, Sheridan S. Adams

The fragmented self the longing (novel) and intergenerational relations in a Chinese Indonesian family (exegesis), Alberta Natasia Adji

Charging strategies for commercial electrical vehicles, Bassam Y. M. Al-Hanahi

Investigating multigrade teaching (MGT) and learning practices in Maldives: Developing a framework for MGT, Aniyath Ali

Influence of organic matter on CO2 and H2 wettability of petroleum reservoirs, Mujahid Ali

Exploring the psychological and behavioural responses to cardiovascular screening interventions, Reindolf Anokye

Flow characteristics of narrow vegetated open channels, Arslan Arshad

Comparative study on development of novel catalytic oxidation for removing emerging contaminants, Abdul H. Asif

Quantifying predation on sea turtle eggs and emerging hatchlings by ghost crabs and other native predators, Casper S. Avenant


Carbon geosequestration and enhanced oil recovery in geological formations: Multi-scale analysis, Auby Baban

Coupled human-water interactions in formal-informal dynamics, Rakhshinda Bano

An investigation into theories of odd meter and their application to jazz composition and improvisation, Kristian Borring


Explaining organisational business process adoption mechanisms - A critical realist perspective on social reflexivity and process affordances, Andreas Brönnimann


Woman-centred ethics: A feminist participatory action research, Katherine A. Buchanan

Why do grandparents care?, Rebecca Bullingham


How public libraries in Western Australia support the language and literacy learning of children from birth to age three years, Jennifer Ruth Campbell-Hicks

Island meltdown: Demise of the Abrolhos painted button-quail Turnix varius scintillans in the face of multiple threats, Ryan Carter

The experiences of children with visual impairment participating in physical activities: An occupational perspective, Talitha C. Clements

Exploring a semi-immersive experiential program and the development of 21st century skills with early adolescent boys, Meaghan E. Cunnington

Ecocentrism and small businesses, Gun M. Dolva

An investigation into factors affecting motivation for boys playing string instruments at the transition to secondary school, Katie M. Doyle

Self-efficacy in patients undergoing home dialysis: An integrative review, Nicola A. D'souza

Who is leading the early years? An investigation of early childhood pedagogical leadership in school settings, Amie L. Fabry

The impacts of telescope use and astronomy research programs on United States instructors' and students' astronomy self-efficacy and identity, Rachel Freed

Developing and testing a forensic framework for civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, Connor Garratty

Cardiovascular disease, musculoskeletal health and falls: Exploring the nexus, Abadi Kahsu Gebre


Deconstructing motherhood and fatherhood: An exploration of same-sex parents’ experiences and construction of their parenting roles, Jenine M. Giles


Optimising a defence-aware threat modelling diagram incorporating a defence-in-depth approach for the internet-of-things, Menaka L. Godakanda

The effects of protective or risk factors on suboptimal health status evaluated by subjective or objective measures, Zheng Guo

The stability of different methods of assessing maximal strength in the deadlift: Implications for the use of velocity-based assessment and programming strategies, Stuart N. Guppy

Experienced high performance work system in the public healthcare sector: Conceptualisation, scale validation and examination of its “dark side", Michael A. Gyensare

Improving the efficiency, power quality, and cost-effectiveness of solar PV systems using intelligent techniques, Aakash Hassan

Novel remediation technologies using macroscopic graphene-based materials for wastewater treatment, Rajan A. K. Hirani

The feasibility of E-portfolio-based assessment of physical literacy in primary health and physical education: An exploratory study in Western Australia, Jaxon Hogan

The use of performance assessments and force-time curve analysis to measure mental and physical fatigue, Steven Hughes

The concept and role of meaningful work in the context of Pakistan – An exploratory study of junior doctors, Abid Hussain

Genetic associations with athlete performance and injury susceptibility in elite Australian football, Ysabel Jacob

Inspiring social justice: Teacher educators’ experiences of culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogies in initial teacher education units, Sasha P. Janes


Content and frames of ©WeChat and Chinese state media - a critical literacy reflection of the narratives during the early stage of COVID-19 pandemic, Zhe Jing

Experiments and modelling into air staging in a fixed bed biomass combustor, Awais Junejo

Tensile performance of cast-in headed anchors in geopolymer concrete, Trijon R. Karmokar

Blood based biomarkers of response to immunotherapy in advanced melanoma, Muhammad Adnan Khattak

Antecedents and outcomes of informal learning in Ghanaian hospitality sector small and medium-sized enterprises: The mediating role of job crafting, Justice K. Kodom-Wiredu

Examining challenge and hindrance stressors as antecedents of recovery experiences: The mediating role of self-regulation, Emmanuel Kokoroko

Moving from pathological to productive melancholia: Daughters who survive loss in Joyce Carol Oates’s short fiction, Sharon P. Kostopoulos


Exploring demographic, clinical and exercise prescription moderators of resistance exercise effects on objectively measured and patient-reported outcomes in men with prostate cancer, Pedro Lopez Da Cruz


The added value of BAP1 immunohistochemistry and fluorescence in situ hybridisation for CDKN2A/p16 and NF2 in the diagnosis and prognostication of pleural mesothelioma, Amber Louw

Exercise and sport medicine during chemo(radio)therapy in patients with pancreatic cancer, Hao Luo

Domain shift robustness in deep learning models, Hassan Mahmood

Mining for sleep data: An investigation into the sleep of fly-In fly-out shift workers in the mining industry and potential solutions, Gemma Maisey


Aesthetic choices: Defining the range of aesthetic views in interactive digital media including games and 3D virtual environments (3D VEs), Hira Maqbool

Performance and interpretation: Beethoven's Opus 110, Izaac J. Masters


An examination of kinanthropometric and physical injury risk factors in elite Australian football, Callum J. McCaskie

Social capital, children's sport participation and physical literacy development in rural Western Australia, Kate L. McCreery

Teleoperation enhancement for improved control of unmanned ground vehicles through video transformation and deep learning based future frame prediction, Md Moniruzzaman

The role of sleep duration and quality in vitamin D metabolism and their association with glucose homeostasis in pregnancy, Maryam Mosavat

Human identification using ear biometrics: A complete pipeline from detection to recognition, Md Mursalin

Nascent technology ventures commercialization: A framework for capability development and business model transitions, Tongai Mutongo

Sources of sexual knowledge and information and sexual attitudes of men in Kenya, Darlene Ndasi

Deep learning-based seagrass detection and classification from underwater digital images, Md Kislu Noman

Plant-herbivore interactions in a changing climate and implications for seagrass resilience, Caitlyn M. O'Dea


Comparison of methods for metabolite extraction from rat polycystic kidney tissue for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics, Matthew Oosthuizen

Compliance of pre-packaged food products imported from Asian countries, and sold in Western Australia, with the Australian and New Zealand food standards code, Eugene J. Paewai


Investigation and development of titanium nitride solid-state potentiometric pH sensor, Shimrith Paul Shylendra


An overview of blood-based biomarkers in AD, Steve Pedrini

An uncomfortable interface. Medicines legislation and its impact on the delivery of healthcare by registered nurses in very remote Australia: A mixed-methods study, Katie R. Pennington

Three essays on systemic risk in Asian emerging markets, Ngoc Thach Pham

Quantifying and managing the impact of electric vehicles on power distribution assets, Pravakar Pradhan

Engineered functional films for photo-electro-chemical sensing of environmental matters, Nasir Rafique


Towards establishing a fit-for-purpose regulatory framework for radiation protection in Western Australia's mining industry: Evaluating mine worker exposures to naturally occurring radionuclides, Martin I. Ralph

Developing and optimizing methods for grape seed polyphenol extraction, Lahiru P. Ranepura Hewage

A study into the use of torrefied biomass in a fixed bed biomass combustor, Sajid Riaz


Psycho-spiritual counselling to enhance resiliency as transformative education: An auto/ethnographic inquiry of the interface between spirituality and positive psychology, Dominic Savio


A critical control approach to preventing fatalities in construction, Roberta J. Selleck

Thyroid hormone receptor beta is an oncogene in triple-negative subtype of breast cancer, Manjot Singh

Artificial intelligence and adaptive governance in the technical and vocational education and training sector in Bhutan: A case study, Jigme Singye

Associations between sunlight exposure, skin pH and epidermal permeability in pregnancy, Rachel J. Stevens

Lupin: Prospective superfood or potential allergen?, Arineh Tahmasian


Comparing Western Australia and South Australia public high school’s cyberbullying policies – is there a need for a legislative change, Vanessa Tay

Larry Sitsky’s Century: A response to selected twentieth-century notation, associated piano techniques, and performance possibility, Hannah Th'ng

Square piano by Arnold Frederick Beck (London, 1780): Restorative conservation, what may be inferred, and a resultant teaching program, Paul L. Tunzi

The effect of performance fatigue on sprint running technique, Shayne M. Vial


Fagotte forgotten? the bassoon in the early symphonies of Mozart, Haydn and contemporaries in the 1760s and 1770s, Katherine J. Walpole


Investigating the efficacy of teaching practicum supervision in Bhutan, Sangay Wangchuk

Corrosion behavior and mechanism of laser powder bed fusion produced Ti-Cu alloys, Xin Wang

Physiological plateaus during childbirth: A constructivist grounded theory and novel definition, Marina J. Weckend

Roles of remnant cholesterol in the risk factor, occurrence and in-hospital outcomes of stroke, Zhiyuan Wu

Artificial intelligence-assisted prediction, feature selection, and multi-omics integration in exploring the interaction between IgG N-glycome and transcriptome and constructing the ageing clock, Yao Xia

Biomass photocatalytic reforming for hydrogen production over nanostructured catalysts, Xinyuan Xu

Does Fibre-fix provided to people with irritable bowel syndrome who are consuming a low FODMAP diet improve their gut health, gut microbiome, sleep and mental health?, Ran Yan

The roles of modifiable risk factor and immunoglobulin G N-glycome in the risk of hearing loss, Yulu Zheng

Theses from 2022

Assessment of circulating tumour cells in lung cancer patients, Emmanuel Acheampong

Help-seeking for mental health problems among older adults with chronic diseases: An evaluation and intervention, Claire E. Adams

Pore scale study on permeability stimulation and hydrogen geostorage in coal seams, Hamed Akhondzadeh


A forensic framework for detecting denial-of-service attacks in IoT networks using the MQTT protocol, Ala'a A. M. Alatram


Deep learning augmentation for medical image analysis, Fouzia Altaf

Business success in the Vietnamese logisitcs industry: The role of competencies and relationship quality among owners of small and medium enterprises, Minh Huyen Anderson

The aftermath of domestic violence: Listening to women’s voices of their experiences, Caroline Arisunta